Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Down the Rabbit Hole Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "check the hint giver"
2. XPOSEure "Quick Like a Bunny, don't dottle but always look above when you are on your way down!"
3. Que Rico Design "Falling, falling, I landed in Medieval and a surprise."
4. Artic Storm
5. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Project "Where is the SAVE THE KOALAS TIP JAR (WWF)"
6. Waffles "Where's the Boss"
7. Ellen's Stuff "Keeping an eye on the clock"
8. StoraxTree "Look near hunt poster"
9. The Sissy Bar "Wearing a new face to copy the big one on the wall"
10. VitaVita Textures "On the wall where the jeans dress is"
11. Loordes of London "Look near hunt poster"
12. Timeless Textures Main Store "There's nothing quite like an Easter Egg Hunt to make me feel like a KID again!"
13. Sassy Brats "Playing dress up is always fun!"
14. {RP} Reina Photography "You can find items on sale here on Tuesday for just 25L$!"
15. Sherbert "Is it time to buy a Gift Card?"
16. Splintered Creations "Time for Bootstomping Music"
17. MISS JEWELL "Gatcha!"
18. BeanSprout "I am always lurking in the corner "
19. Delightful Creations "Above the Scrying Sorceress, below the witches clock, to find your prize"
20. LOoLOo & the Platypus "Time, time time, see what's become of me. While I looked around for my possibilities"
21. Emerald Couture "Sales, Group Gifts, Midnight Madness!"
22. Aphrodite Shop "Its obviously at the Easter market they have!"

Monday, March 30, 2020

Battle of the Sexes Hunt

Sour Pickles Hunts bring you the Battle of the Sexes Hunt.

This hunt will take place from May 1-31st.

Before applying, you MUST read the link below. It is the TOS For the application process.

Accepting applications till April 23rd.

Open to Open to PG, Mature and Adult Stores.
  If you have the following in your store please do not apply:
- NO CLUB OR MALLS (Unless you are a shop in the mall or your main store is located in the mall) If your store is at a club or mall, you MUST have tracks leading to your store as well as the poster outside of the store as to not cause confusion with neighboring stores. Your TP landing point MUST also be able to land a hunter in front of your store.

THE THEME: The test of time is always men versus women. Lets change it up! This hunt you can make anything you want, but you have to make 2 items! One for male, one for female, or 2 unisex items ♥ This is a 2L hunt (4L total if you get both).

 Thank you for your interest in the Sour Pickles Hunt " Battle of the Sexes Hunt"
 ~~Create a NC called: BSH-YOUR NAME - STORE NAME~~

Have you read and understand the Sour Pickles Hunt TOS?
**(Applicants will be rejected if you have not)**

Your Name/Position :

Emergency Point of Contact : (Another Avatar Name AND Email) :
*If left blank, application will NOT be considered*

Name of your Store:

Your Landmark (**MAIN point of contact MUST be the creator of the landmark**) :

Did you ensure the creator or point of contact is the creator of the LM you submitted? :

SURL to your Store:

What is the maturity of your sim? (PG/MATURE/ADULT) :

What types of items does your Store sell? :

Any idea what you would like to make for this hunt? MUST HAVE M+F OR 2X UNISEX (2L HUNT) :

What is the name of the avatar that is in the Sour Pickles Hunts Group? :

If you are not in the Sour Pickles Hunt group please join below.
Sour Pickles Hunt Group Joiner:

If interested, please provide our website on your blogger roll to help us promote Sour Pickles Hunts

When completed, make sure it is in the correct format and send to Xandra Bressig. Make sure the NC is FULL PERMS. Notecards that are not FULL PERM will be deleted.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Down the Rabbit Hole Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. XPOSEure
3. Que Rico Design
4. Artic Storm
5. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Project
6. Waffles
7. Ellen's Stuff
8. StoraxTree
9. The Sissy Bar
10. VitaVita Textures
11. Loordes of London
12. Timeless Textures Main Store
13. Sassy Brats
14. {RP} Reina Photography
15. Sherbert
16. Splintered Creations
18. BeanSprout
19. Delightful Creations
20. LOoLOo & the Platypus
21. Emerald Couture

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Who Done It Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Timeless Textures "Hippity, Hoppity, Easter's on it's way!"
3. Que Rico Design "Even Sherlock liked to smoke these"
4. Artic Storm "Look for a fire, look for a chair; look underneath, it might be there."
5. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Project "On the Save the Koalas cart!"
8. StoraxTree "Look near hunt poster"
10. ViTaViTa Textures "Look Bromelia & Anturium"
11. Loordes of London "Look near hunt poster"
12. Ellen's Stuff "This garden leprechaun is a sleuth"
13. LOoLOo & the Platypus "Can you spy the stops this train makes before Soho?"
14. rack@steamingahead "This is a scary chair"
15. Stitches Creations SKIP FOR NOW
16. Emerald Couture "Steals and Deals..That's who Done it!"
17. Meander "Hooray for Hollywood"
18. Sassy Brats "Did it happen in the kitchen?"
19. MISS JEWELL "It's a gift!"
20. XPOSEure "To find who done it, may have to sweat a little searching the earth & heavens cause the heavens may give you a hand with it!"