Saturday, May 31, 2014

Cool Me Down Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Co*Motion "Good thing I'm not afraid of heights."
3. Dondi's Doodads "Check the hint giver"
4. [LNS] "How luck am I?"
5. Kabuki Creations "Standing here Cuddling with you like this sends a Shiver down my spine. "
6. Duh! "Turn the light on"
7. Holli Pocket "These girls two pieces got this thermometer ON FIRE!"
8. Barely Legal Couture "Lets sew a straight Line"
9. *TOXIC*H* "If you look high you will see how hot it can be."
10. Texture Me True "Tan my hide."
11. Sugar & Cyanide "Join our group!"
12. The Curio Shoppe OUT OF HUNT
13. Textures Unbound "2 out of 3, That's where you'll find me!"
14. LOoLOo & Platypus "The Temp is up in the Hood"
15. Glitzz "Blue as the summer sky! "
16. blah.BLAH.blah "The steps just make me sweat"
17. Global Nomads "Oh, this spot look cooling"
18. Artic Storm "The temperature is RISING, and the pansies are glowing!"
19. The Cat and Fiddle "Sitting in the HOT seat!"
20. The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee "How's about a nice glass of lemonade!"
21. Piper Moda ""Higher than Galactic""
22. Lone Wolf Studio "Higher than Galactic"
23. Naughty Naughty "The Thermometer is near the formal Flame:"
24. POMPOSITY "Somewhere in what looks like the bleacher section to me"
25. Pixel Snobs "Oh So Shiney!"
26. Eternally Strange "Where Harry Potter lived with his Aunt Petunia"
27. ~Kittys blanket~ OUT OF HUNT
28. Dressed by Lexi "Walking on Sunshine"
29. PRISM  Life Really can be a Beach"