Saturday, April 28, 2012


Welcome to the Gacha Fool Hunt Event. This is a hunt with a twist of the aspect of a Gacha Theme. The rules are simple as part of setup:
*Have your Gacha Machine AND the little Unlinked Poster prim 30meters from your LANDINGPOINT.
*You must make at least 3 items to put into this gacha. (No they do not have to have new)
*You Cannot set the items more then 25L
*You MUST have the poster up in addtion to the Gacha Machine to show that you are participating. (V2 Poster)

How the Gacha Works
The script inside is set and ready to go, your job as the designer is to decide how much to set your gacha for. You can set the item from 1-25L. To do this change your price in the description. The default I have in the Gacha Machine now is 10,10. So this means that there is a a price of 10L and a 10% chance of finding a RARE item.

How does the RARE Item work?
When you name something, you need to add the word RARE at the end.
For example:
[SP] Slip Me Panties--Love RARE
By adding the word at the end, it is thrown into the pool and thus anything named RARE has the % you put in for coming out and being caught in the Gacha. If you do not have any RARE items inside your gacha you can leave the second field a 0. So it would look like:

What is this little unlinked prim for?
That my friends is what the hunters are looking for. The spin with this is you DO NOT HIDE IT. Please do NOT HIDE IT. It needs to be next to or stayed as it is unboxed next to the Gacha Machine. Inside of the prim you will put the FOLLOWING landmark inside of your prim. Regardless of your position in the hunt, you need to please leave the Starting Landmark at Sour Pickles inside of it.

When can I put my items in?
I would recommend that you put your items inside the Gacha Machine come April 30th becuase if you set the Gacha Machine for no price you will not be able to set it for sale again unless you drop another Gacha Machine. To save you heartache, Do not put your items in till before midnight on April 30th so we can have a good start on May 1st. As of right now you need to have the poster out as well as Gacha Machine as of April 23rd.

If you have anymore questions please send Xandra Bressig a notecard and I hope you have a great time with this hunt as I had designing it :D

xoxo Xandra

Sunday, April 15, 2012

More questions :D PT 2

What is the difference between the little unlinked poster and the gacha machine?
HINTS ARE NOT NEEDED =P The little poster must be NEXT to your gacha machine. It needs to be 30M from your landing point. Inside of the little poster you put the next location's landmark. Inside of the gacha machine you need to put 3 or more items inside. Set your price and rarity based off the notecard's instructions.

Gacha Fool Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. Divalicious
3. Little House of Curios
5. Beauty Killer
6. Larnia Kids
7. DaBuVa
8. [Bedlam]
9. FIN *Relieve the Fifties*
11. Boof
12. Owl Toast
13. Razorblade Jacket
14. Mar Mar Creations
15. Ema's
16. SIGMA Jewels
17. Flowerdreams Creations
18. Ahmused Xpresnz
19. Debutante
20. [Kawaii Desu]
21. ~Cop~a~Squat~ (New Name: "Pillows & Things")
23. USC Texture Tomb
24. .HollyWerid.
25. Dani's
26. Phoebe ~ Piercings & more ~
27. *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*
29. ZERO COOL Designz
30. Tree House Treasures
31. The Sacred Roze
32. PDN's Potpourri
33. Dressing Darlings
34. Les sucreries de Fairy
35. K2K Headquarter
36. Bald Anders
37. [dirty.little.secret]
38. Gestures by Mi
39. Simple Designs
40. Marymac
41.Chic Couture
42. Wild Serenity
43. The Happy Hat
44. Oh Shoot!
45. FreakyDesign

Monday, April 9, 2012

Gacha Hunt--Deadline and Dates

So..I have been really sick in RL and do not have a computer to add on top of my absense. I appologize to my hunters that are expecting to set up for the Gacha Hunt that was supposed to start on the 15th. This hunt will be moved to be in the month of May instead. May 1 will be starting date. Sometime this week I will be compliling the applications I have recieved and those that have been turned in late. The NEW DEADLINE to apply will be this friday, APRIL 13th. Please have your applications submitted.