Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Doesn't End Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Tea Time"
2. DivaLicious Main Store "This one will be a PAIN IN DIVA to find"
3. aMuse Mainstore "It will be BAD KARMA if you miss out on this gift"
4. FaerieMagic "First comes Spring "
5. Plastik "Around the corner I can see The Fierii"
6. BOOF HQ "Electricity"
7. POLE "Hippity hoppity"
8. Urban Republic Co. "Baby Pinky Loves Summer"
9. Love My Textures Celebrations You may want to save summer by putting it in your Easter basket!
10. Dark Vision Gothic/Fantasy Art "Call the fire brigade"
11. Illict Designs "The PET is keeping an eye on this one"
12. Faerie Dreams "I would be upstairs where I would buy a bikini"
14. VISIONS GALLERY "Main Shop, first floor. Relaxing with the Koi."
15. -[Acide!] "Under those so sexy girls \o/"
16. Musical Dreams "Take a walk up and relax in the butterfly garden"
17. SR Leatherwerkx "Look for me near running water!"
18. Vicarious Vitae "Sit On Something Blue"
19. *sweet*B* "Here it's more bright"
20. Lorimae's Catbox "Play in the dollhouse!"
21. INCENDIA camp fires and outdoor furiture "Lets go inside out of the water and sun to cuddle."
22. *Bellies* "Best place to see summer"
23. -=Razorblade Jacket=- "Have a refreshment as you take a break from the blistering sun."
24. Sek's Eclectic Kreations "Find me among the bright blooms"
25. Canningham Creations "Come party in the Club! Dance the night away! Don't forget to pay your bar tab! "
26. Ruth's Creations "Find me among the bright blooms"
27. X-Clusives Animations "This pail of sand is a real steal."
28. [BedlaM] "Master of your domain"
29. GenkiGenki! "Feeling on Top!"
30. LGJC Productions "Plenty of water here, why not swim with the Dolphins?"
31. ShaBo Designs Check Hint Giver
32. PRIME Furniture "It's all black and white."
33. Jaded Designs! "Pick this up where prizes are given out, you might even win something with your letter!!"
34. Brass in Pocket "She's Got Legs, She Knows How to Use them."
35. DeSiGneR KiDz "Check the hint giver"
36. Michigans Shack "Check the hint giver"
37. Wisent-Animations "Dont forget to go to the corners, may you will see something green first! Happy hunting!"
38. Dela's Delights "You will find me where you feel the luckiest"
39. Xen Builds "We packed some extra goodies for the picnic!"
40. Saris Creations "You can find me near the big ring"
41. Eye Candi Shapes/BODY HEAT Skins "She has a beautiful complexion."
42. Tree House Treasures "Check hint giver"
43. K&G Designs "How may i help u"
44. V Tattoo Store "Tattoo store, Blue ink, Be Logic, :)"
45. Kinzee Creations "Here comes the bride"
46. Pirate Queen Designs
47. Petunia "It could get hot in here."
48. Shadow Moon "I aint touching that thing :)"
50. Thunder 'N Lightning "Many things can be found in the darkest corner of the night"
51. Neverland "Next to blonde little girl"
52. FunKtional Furniture "Check mate"
53. ROCK PULSE "I feel like coming back to life"
54. [[A.R.C. + F.N.]] "In the destroyed city in the desert...when you wander through the find gifts helping you to settle again"
55. Clothes Culture "Touch hint board on outside wall of the shop"
56. White Widow "In summer, it's nice to play with a bad boy"
57. Gestures by Amy "Turn Around and Squint"
58. Hearth & Home "All of this broken sea glass can be pieced together to make the most amazing art!"
59. USC Texture Tomb "Good deals on fabric never end"
61. SSH...Designs "I have a hint giver at the tp landing zone...hint will be in there"
62. Sacred Roses "Bring your sweetie to help you "search"
63. ~LilyPads~ "One TWO Three"
64. Grumble "Splish Splash..."
65. ~SS~. Silent Swan "Never look under the Dancer's skirt."
66. Gravy's.. Blackrose::Tattoo's "I'm tucked in tight, somewhere SAFE ..."
67. *Creative Muse Designs* "Sometimes the sweetest things have cherries on top."
68. La Belle Dame Sans Merci "I'm sunbathing by a pool."
69. Ardigraf Design "High and low I may be above Fashion Consoldated"
70. Magically Aluring "Who says superbowl has to be in February?"
71. Kabuki Creations "Look for it by the Laying Couple Poses, Look high."
72. Billy's Furniture Shop "Lets see Sun, Sand, Towel ? Something is missing for a perfect day at the beach."
73. A Stitch In Time "When I was a child I loved hiding behind these , the hunt object seems to feel the same way!"
74. Alexohol "Suck on a Jolly Rancher"
75. Limehouse "Live, love, laugh"
76. The Sacred Roze
77. plowwies jammies & slippers "Oops! I Goofed Again"
78. ROOM 312 "Sometimes walls are not that solid."
79. SB Wear "Just Lock Me Already"
80. Romance in Prims "If your tired rest your feet a bit."
81. Holiday Bliss "Check out the hint giver"
82. Template Craze "The Bikinis Have It"
83. kidz gitawayz "Yew can only find me at midnight"
84. Mar Mar Creations "You have looked Hight, You have looked low, but have you looked behind."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Doesn't End Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. DivaLicious Main Store
3. aMuse Mainstore
4. FaerieMagic
8. Urban Republic Co.
9. Love My Textures Celebrations
10. Dark Vision Gothic/Fantasy Art
11. Illict Designs
12. Faerie Dreams
15. Gestures By Nykeria
16. Musical Dreams
17. SR Leatherwerkx
18. Vicarious Vitae
19. *sweet*B*
20. Lorimae's Catbox
21. INCENDIA camp fires and outdoor furiture
22. *Bellies*
23. -=Razorblade Jacket=-
24. Sek's Eclectic Kreations
25. MAC's SuperShack
26. Ruth's Creations
27. X-Clusives Animations
28. [BedlaM]
29. ::DaBuVa::.
30. LGJC Productions
31. ShaBo Designs
32. PRIME Furniture
33. Passionate Neko
34. Brass in Pocket
35. DeSiGneR KiDz
36. Michigans Shack
37. Wisent-Animations
38. Dela's Delights
39. Xen Builds
40. Saris Creations
41. Eye Candi Shapes/BODY HEAT Skins
42. Tree House Treasures
43. K&G Designs
44. Gestures By Amy
45. iheart
46. Pirate Queen Designs
47. Petunia
48. Shadow Moon
50. Thunder 'N Lightning
51. The Cluttered Closet
52. FunKtional Furniture
54. SiamInk Designs
55. Clothes Culture
56. White Widow
57. Sunny Designs
58. Hearth & Home
59. USC Texture Tomb
60. Bella's
61. SSH...Designs
62. Sacred Roses
63. ~LilyPads~
64. Grumble
65. ~SS~. Silent Swan
66. Gravy's.. Blackrose::Tattoo's
67. *Creative Muse Designs*
68. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
69. Ardigraf Design
70. Magically Aluring
71. Kabuki Creations
72. Billy's Furniture Shop
73. A Stitch In Time
74. Alexohol
75. Limehouse
76. The Sacred Roze
77. plowwies jammies & slippers
78. ~*Kely's Kreations*~
79. SB Wear
80. Romance in Prims
81. Holiday Bliss
82. Template Craze
83. kidz gitawayz
84. Mar Mar Creations