Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Plundering Villages Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Watch your step or you might fall over"
2. Segundo "Max"imize you hunting potential
3. Love // Culture "This head doesn't quite fit on this fake thing."
4. Needful Necessities "2nd crystal on the right and straight on till morning. "
5. Plastik "Check out the hint giver at the front of the store"
6. Xen Builds "This one is clearly high and above the rest !"
7. Larnia Kids "VIP for me!"
8. Para Designs "Make sure to check out the hint giver"
9. Fuzion Fashion--SKIP FOR NOW
10. Acide "Pieces of Us is a bodice of beauty"
11. 20.Five "Hint is located at entrance of shop"
12. Boof "Portable"
13. Bedlam "Look for the jolly roger"
14. AlterEgo " Argh me mateys, dont be lazy, our bone is hidden up high to make you crazy!"
15. Southpaw "See the hintgiver at the store. "
16. Razorblade Jacket "There's no plank down here..."
17. Little House of Curios "I be needin' t' watch a wee bit o' tv befor'.........arrrrrrgh!!!"
18. Illicit Designs "Peep a BOO!"
19. [VOID] "It's a game of men and kings"
20. .::DⓐBυVค::. "You stinking bone. Go and get a more pleasant smell while you hanging there."
21. Brass in Pocket "I hear noises in the Attic."
22. Eye Candi "May I help you?"
24. ** Xeolots ** ""Enter the store and find it" Can't miss it"
25. PDN's Potpourri "Hee ho and a bottle of rum, all they have on this raft is champagne."
26. Tree House Treasures "I have a bone to pick with you so rest in peace."
27. .[PETRICHOR]. "I love feeling the falling dew splash on my face."
28. Urban Republic Co. " Coffee Time."
29. Crazy Cakes Toybox "Shiver me timbers and batten down the hatches we are going to crash into the sand."
30. Trendy Teen "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me. We're Beggers and Blighters, Scurvy Dogs of the Sea, Search Around, me 'Earties, Yo Ho. Salvation is where the prize be. Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me. "
31. bees heaven shop "All that glitters is not gold."
32. PNP: Props N Poses "I drinks me rum "By The Sea" Arrr"
33. Pipper's Place "Find Pippe's Block Vendor And You'll Find Me Arrrrrr...."
34. Sacred Roses "The Captain must have been drunk for this to happen"
35. Incendia Campfires & Caves "MmMmM those massage oils smell good"
36. Aphrodite Megastore "I think it should be where the lovers rests"
37. Marcel's Beautiful World "Relax, take a sit, hear the sound of water, and read magazine... hmmm.. sounds good :)"
38. Simple Designs "Center & Bright"
39. LadyJCreations Portraits and Gallery
40. :: Soken Kids Galaxy::. "Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, A Wacky Life for Me!"
41. Saris Creation's "Look the bonne behind the big heart"
42. QTs Closet "Look high in the cool weather section
43. Dani's "Oh just SHOCK me!!!!!"
44. Suki's Silken Fashions "All pirates like to seal the deal..."
45. vMotional "These dudes are just posers"
46. [MuTeD] GeStUReS "What's on the market today?
48. PixyStix "15 paces into the Mostly Harmless, then 20 paces to the right into PixyStix, search for the treasure keeper and hands off my pennies!!"
49. Destiny's Designs "Look for the flame..."
50. Real Glamour "Signed, sealed and delivered"
51. BelDimi Gestures "Pirating forever"
52. Shadow Dreams (A) "Coulda sworn it said pillage and not pillar, so how did that bone get up there?"
54. Ziva's Underground Footware "Yo ho yo ho a pirates new life for me..."
55. ZERO COOL Designz "Behind the counter the bone you will find, Attention, it's a little bit spooky, never mind. Just tell the bone: "Show me the way" , right. But keep a eye on it, don't loose it out sight."
56. The Happy Hat "Click upon the Bone for a hint on where I have made my home."
57. Chywe's "Feel like a child again, or enjoy your solitude."
58. Shadow Moon "Who needs a plank when you have one of these? They fall for it everytime! "
59. Silmae's Essentials "Falleen red skies at night bring sailor's delight..."
60. Les sucreries de Fairy "I love fat cats"
61. RAMEL'S design -OUT OF HUNT
62. :[strip'd]: Fashion "Look high and look low, you'll find your bootie behind the Hoe."
63. Grumble "Ahoy Matey, take a load off and have a seat"
64. Pin Cushion "This happens at Dawn? "
65. K2K Headquarter " Watch the barmaid inside"
66. Ema's "They applaude when they see you."
67. -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles "In t' olden days a lot o' pirates ended up in a shallow grave somewhere by t' aft door."
68. .:Furore:. " Pirates love shiny and golden Treasures, especially sculptures made of pure gold."
69. G SLOANE COUTURE " Buckle-up and brace yourself, shiver me timbers there's a lot of booty up here. Arrrrgh!"
70. ::Calaveras y Diablitos:: "See my belly button"
71. ::Fe:: Fashion emergency "Diamonds and aliens!"
72. Wee 3 " Yo ho ho and a bottle of.....milk?!?!"
73. Geek Sheek "It's not on 9, but it's up there!"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Plundering Villages Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. Segundo
4. Needful Necessities
5. Plastik
6. Xen Builds
7. Larnia Kids
8. Para Designs
9. Fuzion Fashion
10. Acide
11. 20.Five
12. Boof
13. Bedlam
14. AlterEgo
15. Southpaw
16. Razorblade Jacket
17. Little House of Curios
18. Illicit Designs
19. [VOID]
20. .::DⓐBυVค::.
21. Brass in Pocket
22. Eye Candi
23. Glazed
24. ** Xeolots **
25. PDN's Potpourri
26. Tree House Treasures
28. Urban Republic Co.
29. Crazy Cakes Toybox
30. Trendy Teen
31. bees heaven shop
32. PNP: Props N Poses
33. Pipper's Place
34. Sacred Roses (A)
35. Incendia Campfires & Caves
36. Aphrodite Megastore
37. Marcel's Beautiful World
38. Simple Designs
39. LadyJCreations Portraits and Gallery
40. ::Soken Kids Galaxy::
41. Saris Creation's
42. QTs Closet
43. Dani's
44. Suki's Silken Fashions
45. vMotional
46. [MuTeD] GeStUReS
47. Dark Vision
48. Scratch Skins & Shapes
49. Destiny's Designs
50. Real Glamour
51. BelDimi Gestures
52. Shadow Dreams (A)
53. OwlToast
54. Ziva's Underground Footware
55. ZERO COOL Designz
56. The Happy Hat
57. Chywe's
58. Shadow Moon
59. Silmae's Essentials
60. Les sucreries de Fairy
61. RAMEL'S design
62. :[strip'd]: Fashion
63. Grumble
64. Pin Cushion
65. K2K Headquarter
66. Ema's
67. -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles
68. .:Furore:.
70. ::Calaveras y Diablitos::
71. ::Fe:: Fashion emergency
72. Wee 3
73. Geek Sheek

Monday, August 1, 2011

Karaoke Say What Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Gotta represent..wonder where I can get a shirt at.."
2. Tree House Treasures "Please see hint box for latest hint!"
3. Segundo " This can't possibly the the Last"Chance"
4. Plastik "Singin like a bird"
5. Divalicious "BELIEVE me, I cant sing to save myself"
6. Fuzion Fashion "A true Love Story never Dies!"
7. Southpaw "Last time I saw it I was reading a good book, but don't get too Twisted up about it. I'm sure you'll find it soon. "
8. 20.Five "Check hints in front of store"
9. Zoe's Garden "These enormous flowers get plenty of water!"
10. aMuse "Sing along to my favourite GaGa song "Paparazzi"
11. Xen Builds "Uh-Oh, might get into some hot water !!!"
12. Bedlam "Sitting on the dock of the bay"
13. Boof "FRAMED"
14. Razorblade Jacket "Can't have karaoke without music"
15. Shaodw Dreams "Go up, up, up somewhere tween a cross and a coffin."
16. [GIO] Home Furnishings "Ooops, My mic fell out of my pocket."
17. Glazed "The purring of a loved one is music to ones ear."
18. AlterEgo "Alright who gave Spunk a mic? I really dont need to hear crude comments any louder! o.0"
19. PDN's Potpourri "We love going to the Bistro on Karaoke Night."
20. Dani's "On second floor I will be with lady in red toxic."
21. .[PETRICHOR]. "Music is my boyfriend."
22. ZERO COOL Designz "Anywhere in a Maze .... !"
23. [: B!ASTA :] "Uh oh - you think that this mic is waterproof? I'm afraid i just accidentally watered it.... :-O"
24. Sonata Inc "Sometimes, things get a little steamy in here"
25. Urban Republic Co. "You might get stained."
26. Suki's Silken Fashions " It's girl's night and all they want to sing are sea shanties."
27. [VoiD] "When you've sung so long that you've lost your song, you can find it beneath where the butterfly's gone."
28. So Berry Licious Boutique
29. Simple Designs "She's not worth looking at, but she can sing"
30. Destiny's Designs "I need Serenity. In a place where I can hide."
31. Bleeding Pink "I'm Stuck and Covered In yellow stuff! "
32. Clothes Culture "Please touch hint poster for latest hint"
33. Bella's "Check the hint giver"
34. Ziva's Underground Footware "My assistant can't carry a tune in a bucket, just ask her."
35. .:Furore:. " Beautiful eyes"
37. Indigo Oddities "This Doll can Sing! (Look Up)"
38. Silmae's Essentials "You might recognize me, I used to sing for Jabba the Hut."
39. Virtual Textures " I love to sign in front of my books" :)
40. USC Textures "Look for directions to Sit and Win, then step up to the mic"
41. vMotional "By now, you probably just want to find a corner and fall asleep!"
42. ^^Moulliez "Shondra loves to sing karaoke."
43. The Happy Hat "Music causes me to dance and spin. Click the hint giver and hear where I am."
44. Sexy Swagger
45. Three Sissy's Shop "Karaoke Bride!"
46. POST "Like A Bird On A Wire"
47. Real Glamour "Don't be a dummy."
48. Aphrodite Megastore & Coffeehouse "On the gifts section? sure?????"
49. Marcel's Beautiful World "Have something blocking your road to the happiness? "
50. Illict Designs "Music binds us together"
51. K2K Headquarter "Watch the barmaid inside."
52. Les sucreries de fairy "I love gown and balroom"
53. MAC's SuperShack" Karaoke ya say... Karaoke Nights!"
54. *~*Dirty Dollies*~* "You'd have to be "Truly Outrageous!!" to find this microphone!"
55. Trendy Teen "If you can't find me you may be singing this.... "
56. Karmas Kreations "Lets sing about LOVE."
57. ~:{Little House of Curios}:~ "Can someone please turn on a dang light in here?"
58. Needful Necessities "In-store hint giver"
59 .Larnia Kids "He thinks he's a Giant star"
60. Gestures by Mi "Karaoke Toons"
61. Crazy Cakes Toybox "Flap,Flutter,or Fly just get over here"
62. bees heaven shop "Not every bee is dangerous... i met a really musical one"
63. Bodyshot "Sing without lyrics? Nah"
64. The Angels' Den "I'm a star!"
65. Pippers Place "'I'm Singing Into The Microphone..."