Monday, July 25, 2011

Karaoke Say What Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. Tree House Treasures
3. Segundo
4. Plastik
5. Divalicious
6. Fuzion Fashion
7. Southpaw
8. 20.Five
9. Zoe's Garden
10. aMuse
11. Xen Builds
12. Bedlam
13. Boof
14. Razorblade Jacket
15. Shadow Dreams
16. [GIO] Home Furnishings
17. Glazed
18. AlterEgo
19. PDN's Potpourri
20. Dani's
22. ZERO COOL Designz
23. [: B!ASTA :]
24. Sonata Inc
25. Urban Republic Co.
26. Suki's Silken Fashions
27. [VoiD]
28. So Berry Licious Boutique
29. Simple Designs
30. Destiny's Designs
31. Bleeding Pink
32. Clothes Culture
33. Bella's
34. Ziva's Underground Footware
35. .:Furore:.
36. Dark Vision
37. Indigo Oddities
38. Silmae's Essentials
39. Virtual Textures
40. USC Textures
41. vMotional
42. ^^Moulliez
43. The Happy Hat
44. Sexy Swagger
45. Three Sissy's Shop
46. POST
47. Real Glamour
48. Aphrodite Megastore & Coffeehouse
49. Marcel's Beautiful World
50. Pier SL imports
51. K2K Headquarter
52. Les sucreries de fairy
53. MAC's SuperShack
54. *~*Dirty Dollies*~*
55. Trendy Teen
56. Karmas Kreations
57. ~:{Little House of Curios}:~
58. ThatChick @ Needful Necessities
59 Larnia Kids "He thinks he's a Giant star"
60. Gestures by Mi
61. Crazy Cakes Toybox
62. bees heaven shop
63. Bodyshot

Friday, July 1, 2011

This One Time At The Fair Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "I can use my wings for camouflage if I needed to"
2. Room 312 "Every store has Its secrets"
3. Tree House Treasures "Check out my hint giver"
4. [Bait] "Monkey see, monkey do"
5. Divialicious "Finding this gift is no MYSTERY"
6. Illicit Designs SKIP FOR NOW
8. The Plastik "Is today your LUCKY day"
9. Bellies "THe best rides are always towards the back."
10. aMuse "You can always find fish around NEKOS"
11. Razorblade Jacket "Check down below, but don't lean over too may fall in!"
12. Zoe's Garden "Any Daisy by any other name....wait, what?"
13. plowwies jammies & slippers "You make bath time lots of fun"
15. Southpaw "Gretta couldn't settle for just one flavor of ice cream at the fair, but boy did she get a Toothache from the Vanilla. "
16. Xen Builds "Night baby, sweet dreams!"
17. BOOF HQ "Gotcha, noo.. Gatcha!"
18. BodyShot "Whats new?"
19. Clothes Culture "Touch the Hint Board for the latest Hint !!"
20. Kabuki Creations "Mmhhh nothing beats a soft touch of yr hands on my back"
21. !! Never Ever! "This soup needs a fish"
22. 20.Five "Follow the crumbs"
23. Little House of Curios "I'm drowning in pink!"
24. SR Leatherwerkx "A tisket, a tasket. Don't put all your eggs in one basket!'
25. !- [LoveFactory] - "This fish is where it's supposed to be!"
26. Larnia Kids "Where to go for 50L Friday?"
27. AMERICAN BAZAAR "Fatima is my best friend"
28. Brass in Pocket "HELP! The Mermaid wants to eat me."
29. [Bedlam] "Pigs will fly"
30. Eye Candi "Could it be Number 5?"
31. FIN *Relieve the Fifties* "Swimming with Elvis!"
32. Prime Furniture "Calas on top"
33. Urban Republic Co. "Watch for that bull"
34. Rodeo Rideable Horses & Animals "Tweet, tweet, tweet!"
35. ZERO COOL Designz "Glowing Blossoms may help to figure out!"
36. Para Designs "Click the poster outside the center entrance for a hint."
37. Bella's "This One Time At The Fair I willl take my Boyfriend.. He's a Prodigy. Look inside the store."
38. Indigo Oddties "Don't be a chicken, Have a SPINE, Ride the big rides, and have a great time!"
39. Dani's "In building 1 go up to 2 and I will be hanging with Sassy in Red."
40. Simple Designs " A great cause to support"
41. Morte's Seduction "Hint Giver at Shop"
42. Pink a Boo "I see a Pink Cotton Candy Machine...I wonder where it could be?"
43. AIDORU "Adore the queen's feet - u find reward"
44. CERO STYLE "Swimming with this beautiful lady!!!"
45. Candy Moon "On sign...."
46. Jaded Threads "Southren pride"
47. House of Xevion "Have a seat..."
48. Brat! "Grab a hot, buttery snack so you don't get hungry while you hunt!"
49. enLightened "His bark is worse than his bite."
50. USC Textures "Bast says "I CAN HAZ FISH?""
51. Wicked Rose Couture "Please stay seated in the car until the ride is over.
52. GooDVibez Men "Tables Tables Tables....."
53. [Ravioli] "On the ferris wheel way up high, what do you want from that special gal or guy? Smooching up in the sky isn't for the weak so kiss your special someone right on the---"
54. AZE Designs "Freshly caught, I'm hanging out near from where I came.."
55. Paper Moon "People need snacks when they study"
56. Dead Bunny "Watch your step you might squish me!"
57. Trendy Teen "If you get into trouble you might end up sitting here instead of going to the fair."
58. Brandy Boutique "A, B, C, D, E, F, G,........"
59. Crazy Cakes Toybox " This one time at the Fair i saw the biggest cupcake ever it was huge you should try sitting on it and eating some."
60. Pipers Place "When Pipper got back from the fair she was so excited about what she got. She dropped me somewhere near a bench."
61. The Happy Hat "I am always within the big hat. Click the hint giver on where I am at."
62. Butterfly Effectz "The view of the pretty red bird in that tree is great from here"
63. Twilight Falling Creations "After a hot day at the fair you may wish to relax in the refreshing waters of a cool spring."
64. Dirty Dollies+Little Dollies+Rag Dollies "Fish go to the fair in schools."
65. Bella's Designs "Looking high and low is great but you never know what goes up and down :)"
66. Chywe's "Like pulling wabbits out of a hat"
67. Shadow Dreams " "It's madness!!!"
68. -Myself- "Cute pants!! "
69. LilyPads "Ooooh Look! Fishies!"
70. Sexy Swagger "Boots with red background"
71. Karmas Kreations "Swing on over after the fair"
72. Marcel's Beautiful World "Find the path : orange, blue, pink, meet the Chinese, blue again, then which red would be?"
73. A.D.D. "
Step right up folks, don't be shy! Neon lights and Vendor cries Parting you from monetary ties. All for a few moments to forget - Why."
74. Isis Boutique "Dont blink or you will miss this disappearing act in the birdcage"
75. Enchante "Don't get burned."
76. [THiSnTHAT] "Painting can get messy"
77. Death Dealers 'It corners, but not like it's on wheels'
78. [Blue Goose] " Don't forget to get your stamp at the fair"
80. In A Nutshell "She sells sea shells"
81. Evaki "Check the hint box"
82. D.Ragged Clothing "I could go for something sweet right about now."
83. The Kandi Store "If this clue RINGS true, LUCKY you!!"
84. Furore "Look in the couch"
85. FlowerDreams Creations
86. Sweethearts Cafe & Bakery
87. Death Becomes Nerd "Emo Boys never cry at the fair!"
88. Moulliez "This goldfish has a lovely view of the ocean up here."
89. Needful Necessities "Fish swim in the water, my momma told me so"
90. Real Glamour "This Kitty is taking good care of this gift."
91. Bees Heaven Shop "This little guy seems to be all of a doodah"
92. A S O ! "I'm on the sand."
93. Twine Designs "Watch out where you sit you may sit on our prize ...."
94. Venomous Rage Designs "This is gonna hurt.... alot"
95. Glazed "What do you get when Earth, Wind, Fire and Rain met?"
96. Jinxed Toys "I don't know how I got up here, but I need some help to get back down!"
97. WTB "Soak up those rays while you head for the sky and take a seat as you watch it float on by"
98. Serenity & Chaos "STARTING LATE"
99. Lvs Kids "B is for Bunny,she has the prize you seek!"
100. Thy Designs "Sit to meditate and see"
101. Shadow Moon " Well....what do you think of the rest of the sim? Never a dull moment here."
102. VPinc "When you go to a fair, a must to enjoy is one of these"
103. Moxie "Licorice: It's a party in your mouth!"
104. Prims 4 U "Hiding in the "Kitchen""
105. Aphrodite Shop "I think you need a beauty makeover!"
106. Pier SL Imports "Licorice: It's a party in your mouth!"
107. The Crossing "Look under a table."
108. Leapin' Lilypads "Yummy"
109. Ema's "They all Applaude when they see you! "
110. Gestures by Mi "Not a fish out of water."