Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pure As Lace Hints -Black Path

1. Divalicious "Black lace is always sexier at MIDNIGHT"
2. amuse "Black lace always says SEDUCE ME"
3. Nik-kos "Thats Alot Of Lace"
4. Fashion Fuzion "Some where in the store by Chase...."
5. Kabuki Creations "Look for it by the New Release area!!!"
6. .:LoLa:. creations "I sit beside 5 women each with different colour hair"
7. SE*Designz "I've seen the lady in lace taking off her tights"
8. Dani's Shop "I look so Glamorous in my Red. "
9. ErotiXXX Gestures
10. PRIME Furniture "Click the guy behind the counter for hints."
11. [BedlaM] "Under the fish tank"
12. LollipopZ Hair Styles and Outfitters "I am not really hidden, and you will find me if you look for lace...and for lust!"
13. LoveBird's Paradise "MMM....My favorite cookies hold your gift. Don't forget the milk!"
14. FunKtional Furniture 'Yay Im your biggest fan'
15. A&S Designs
16. Michigans Shack "Click hint giver at landing point"
17. Canningham Homes & Creations "Come curl up with me in a blanket. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? "
18. :BearCub:
20. Simply Designed
21. Sacred Roses Furniture "Even naughty Lovers sometimes get "weary in service"
22. Pretty Lady Fashions "This angel may be dressed in white but her halo is still black ;)"
23. NLimbo "There is a fine line between love and hate"
24. Bella's "Let your dark side TAKE OVER, Look Downstairs in the Ladies Casual Wear"
25. BLue Goose "It is not old"
26. Illicit Designs "As black as black? or as black as midnight?"
27. Butterfly Effectz "Simply Trick or Treat to recieve your trat"
28. Acide "Why theses guys have their tongue out ?"
29. MarMar Creations "Can I pose for you?"
30. Daark "Art belongs on an Easel "

Pure As Lace Hints - White Path

1. Sour Pickles "Floaties"
2. Divalicious "Showing some lace will make any lover BLUSH"
3.. Acide!] "In front of this so cute "obsession" girl"
4. [aRAWRa] "There's no cupboard under these stairs"
5. The Lace Place "Join our group!"
6. Shadow Moon "I was a sinner...but now I'm a saint!"
7. Boof
8. Icarus Home and & Media "Come test me out and search for some thing as pure as lace"
9. CRAYON DESIGN HINT 1 (female gift): Look what Tori Amos holds for you.
HINT 2 (male gift): Is your OUTFIT ready for Autumn?
10. Southpaw "Just look at the world around you, Right here on the ocean floor, Such wonderful things surround you, What more is you lookin’ for?"
11. enLightened "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden glow?"
12. The Delectable Doll "Signs... always posting such valuable information."
13. Lemania Indigo Desings "Walking through a door you may see soap bubbles"
14. Carrasco's "Halo's are fresh as flowers"
15. Eye Candi "Diamonds aren't just a girls best friend"
16..::LilThing Creations::. "From Here, I Watch Over ALL Of The Turtles!"
17. Dark Vision "Its hard work in hell.
18. Illicit Designs "Follow the figurative light and you will find what you are looking for"
19. Pole "My body is the same as yours no matter the color"
20. ALI COUTURE "I hate you"
21. Brass in Pockets "I have been BEARy Good in my life."
22. *Creative Muse Designs* "Something sweet to eat?"
23. amuse "This TWISTED SISTA looks great in WHITE "
24. Just 4 Kid Kreations "Take time out of your busy day "
25. The Mad Catter "This halo will be found painting some roses"
26. Les sucreries de fairy "I love new things"
28. Gestures By Amy "Im hiding behind that Pole!"
29. MAC's SuperShack "Welcome! Enjoy! Mac"
30. Sek's Eclectic Kreations "Since I look like a pretty halo it was fitting that I should hide above all these wings."
31. K&G Designs "Oh how i love Glitter!!! "
32. Razorblade Jacket "Would you fix your stockings in here??"
33. Neverland "in little girls hand"
34. .:: Adoring Charms ::.. "Aura is pure as lace"
35. Design 360 "Chocolate with a hint of pink and laced with kisses - this will light up your life "
36. Skat Cat Neko "Take a a bite"
37. DeSiGneR KiDz "I have a hint giver at my store"
38. Michigans Shack "Click hint giver at landing point"
39. *RRS* Rose River Saloon "An Aussie w/ a beer and a Halo?"
40. *MC*Designs "Up there you can see it"
41. Pink A Boo "What is Red ? If Violets are Blue..."
42. USC Textures "Lace, like Virtue, is Discounted Daily"
43. Bella's Accessories
44. *JG*Gestures "Pick a flower to get your gift"
45. ::Kitteh Bitz::
46. Gitawayz
47. White Widow "You should look for a fairy"
48. Holiday Bliss "Hint Giver at TP point"
49. Room 312 "Every place has its secrets Muahahahaha :P"
50. Real Living "Light reading"
51. Xen Builds "She wears it well!!"
52. Callie Cline "Some cats are as pure as snow"
53. Canningham Homes & Creations "I am pure and clean....fresh and clear. "
54. Triple Moon Market
55. Sexy Swagger "Red with lace "
56. Shey Fashion
57. ~*Angel Creations*~ "MEDITATE to find your path!"
58. Frosted Myst Designs "When I'm sleepy I look for somewhere cozy, filled with soft plushy objects to send me into dreamland.
59. dropped out
60. Artic Storm
61. !-[LoveFactory]- "How do you like your coffee?"
62. Paddy's "I am not a Saint, I am an Angel"
63. Alice's Wonderland SKIP
64. Simply Beau "beware the gorgon"
65. Gore'Gs "Sometimes it better to hit this then join a group"
66. CAMILLA'S "Come, sit, relax awhile, ignore the pest that wonders the floor"
67. FRENCH BONBON "Have a sit and look around"
68. Snooki's Place & RJ Designs "Badger, badger, badger, badger.. MUSHROOM, MUSHROOM!"
69. Simply Designed

Pure As Lace Hunt-Black Path

1. Divalicious
2. amuse
3. Nik-kos
4. Fashion Fuzion
5. Kabuki Creations
6. .:LoLa:. creations
7. SE*Designz
8. Dani's Shop
9. ErotiXXX Gestures
10. PRIME Furniture
11. [BedlaM]
12. LollipopZ Hair Styles and Outfitters
13. LoveBird's Paradise
14. FunKtional Furniture
15. A&S Designs
16. Michigans Shack
17. Canningham Homes & Creations
18. :BearCub:
20. Simply Designed
21. Sacred Roses Furniture
22. Pretty Lady Fashions
23. NLimbo
24. Bella's
25. BLue Goose
26. Illicit Designs
27. Butterfly Effectz
28. Acide
29. MarMar Creations
30. Daark

Pure As Lace Hunt-White Path

1. Sour Pickles
2. Divalicious
3.. Acide!]
4. [aRAWRa]
5. The Lace Place
6. Shadow Moon
7. Boof
8. Icarus Home and & Media
10. Southpaw
11. enLightened
12. The Delectable Doll
13. Lemania Indigo Desings
14. Carrasco's
15. Eye Candi
16..::LilThing Creations::.
17. Dark Vision
18. Illicit Designs
19. Pole
21. Brass in Pockets
22. *Creative Muse Designs*
23. amuse
24. Just 4 Kid Kreations
25. The Mad Catter
26. Les sucreries de fairy
28. Gestures By Amy
29. MAC's SuperShack
30. Sek's Eclectic Kreations
31. K&G Designs
32. Razorblade Jacket
33. Neverland
34. .:: Adoring Charms ::..
35. Design 360
36. Skat Cat Neko
37. DeSiGneR KiDz
38. Michigans Shack
39. *RRS* Rose River Saloon
40. *MC*Designs
41. Pink A Boo
42. USC Textures
43. Bella's Accessories
44. *JG*Gestures
45. ::Kitteh Bitz::
46. Gitawayz
47. White Widow
48. Holiday Bliss
49. Room 312
50. Real Living
51. Xen Builds
52. Callie Cline
53. Canningham Homes & Creations
54. Triple Moon Market
55. Sexy Swagger
56. Shey Fashion
57. ~*Angel Creations*~
58. Frosted Myst Designs
59. dropped out
60. Artic Storm
61. !-[LoveFactory]-
62. Paddy's
63. Alice's Wonderland
64. Simply Beau
65. Gore'Gs
68. Snooki's Place & RJ Designs
69. Simply Designed

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Rain Hints

1. Sour Pickles􀁃 "Mushroom"
2. amuse􀁂 "Making sure nothing rains on Forget me not"
3. Divalicious􀁓 "This umbrella is feeling LUCKY"
4. Pole􀁔 " Need to call maid service to do some cleaning"
5. Fuzion Fashions􀀀 "I am Hiding somewhere in the mens section of the store"
6. Miss Murder􀁇 "You burn me up"
7. MarMar Creations􀁆 "I'm driping over the edge."
8. Brass in Pocket􀁅 "I know I'm Cute but you don't need to STAIR"
9. Bellies􀁄 "When your stuck inside, look outside!"
10. Thunder 'N Lightning "Why not just give it away"
12. [BedlaM]􀁕 " The pink skull guards the bounty"
13. Acide􀁁 "I like to fly"
14. V TATTOO STORE􀁀 "Look up, its raining!"
15. Glad Rags􀁈 "Don't sit in despair, the hunt is on!"
16. White Widow􀁉 "Near the woman lying with a rose in mouth"
17. PRIME Furniture􀁛 "Click the guy behind the counter for the hint."
18. Holiday Bliss􀁚 "Its a greats view from here!"
19. Vicarious Vitae􀁘 "Dry off by the fire"
20. Ziva's Underground Footware􀁐 "Pumps are the best workout"
21. Suki's Silken Fashions􀁑 "This classic Eastern beauty needs some cover to keep her out of the rain."
22. Destiny's Designs􀁒 "This sweet and innocent young lady is enjoying her summer, let's hope it doesn't rain."
23. Gestures By Amy􀁊 "That one should be who works here"
24. Kandy Couture􀀏 "Keeping the nekos company"
25. Ruth's Creations􀀎 "Hint giver at landing point"
26. Wisent-Animations􀀍 "May you find the gift in the first floor / Check the corners ! "
27. Razorblade Jacket􀀌 "Just peak over the edge."
28. The Mad Catter􀀆 "This umbrella is hiding behind A leg"
29. kidz gitawayz􀀅
30. K&G Designs 􀀄 "The stairs lead u to the top, sometimes you have to see what ur stepping on. "
31. SIGMA Jewels􀀃 "Lotus bud"
32. ShaBo Designs􀀂 "If you cannot find it.... there is always HOPE
33. [[A.R.C.+F.N.]]􀀇 "Watch your step, don't want to burn your foot off"
34. Maven Prefab Homes and Natas Designs􀀊 "By the pool, dreaming about Pina Coladas and lazy summer days"
35. [hate this]􀀈 "This umbrella is keeping an old kitteh dry."
36. Shameless Bits􀀉 "3rd Floor - Rainy Days always make me blue!"
37. Xen Builds􀀾 "Quck! Hide twith the other umbrellas !!"
38. Dressed by Lexi II􀀽 "Check the corners!"
39.. Southpaw􀀼 "The leaves of brown, came tumbling down, remember That september, in the rain. "
40. Luna Eclipse Design􀀐 "Look into my eyes!"
41. IRRISISTIBLE SHOP􀁖 "Take a dance with the Black Swan"
42. Paw Fect Neko Inside Coba's 􀀑 "My store is'nt very big, so Im sure you it will be, an easier time finding your gift from me. It's not on the floor, on on the ceiling its somehwere inbetween. by somthing that smells good, if you know what I mean."
43. Jm Designs􀀓 "If your looking to get wet, have a look downunder"
44. Tree House Treasures􀀋 "Please check my hint box for the latest hint"
45. USC Texture Tomb􀀁 "Find the umbrella and find your fortune"
46. Evolve Designs􀀒 "I love to play the Violin."
47. Nik-kos􀀿 "I really hope it doesn't rain on my cowgirl hat!"
48. FunKtional Furniture􀀻 "This looks a good place to 'hang' around while you look for me"
49. Neverland􀁗 "Next to boy with red hair"
50. Patchlets􀁋 "Take cover In between the rows"
51. Canningham Homes & Creations􀁌 "When it rainz the bunny hide inside their hutch. "
52. Larnia Kids􀁍 "Can I help you?"
53. Rock Star􀁎 "It sounds like rain"
54. ..:: Adoring Charms ::..􀁏 "Tinka was tanning on the beach and had to quickly run for cover."

Birthday Blitz Hints

1. Divalicious􀀶 "Join the update group for lots of sweet deals"
2. amuse􀀷 "The unicorns are watching over this one"
3. Bellies􀀧 "After a birthday party, cupcakes tend to turn up on the floor."
4. Pole􀀩 "Roll in the Hay"
6. Rotten Defiance􀀯 "I like candles on my Birthday Cake"
7. Fuzion Fashions􀀨 "Hint....somewear bye the lucky chairs"
8. Thunder 'N Lightning􀀮 "Hope those crumbs don't get all over that pillow"
9. MarMar Creations􀀭 "Try not to get me all over your cloths."
10. [BedlaM]􀀬 Thats not a knife...THIS is a knife"
11. [aRAWRa] 􀀰 "I'd look cute in these jeans!"
12. Brass in Pockets􀀫 "Why I am hiding here just does not COMPUTER"
13. Acide􀀱 "I'm a part of the nautre"
14. Kabuki Creations 􀀲 "Look for it in the Couple Sitting Pose Sections "
15. ANCAYI􀀳 "Urban building"
16. MAC'S SuperShack 􀀔 "You say it's your Birthday..."
17. Dark Vision Gothic/Fantasy Art 􀀕 "In fire. hint is. dont burn the cake\"
18. Kismet􀀖 "Don't paint them Alice! We like them the colour they are!"
20. Glad Rags􀀘 "Be cool :)"
21. [hate this]􀀙 "I am the cupcake of doom!"
22. Butterfly Effectz􀀚 "All that hunting has wore you out , have a seat on the rug hand have some coffee with your cupcake"
23. Musical Dreams 􀀢 "Is it because you love me or you're chasing cars?"
24. X-Clusives Animations􀀛 "Not only will our ROMANCE animations TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY, but so will blowing out all your birthday candles."
25. FunKtional Furniture􀀴 "You'll get sticky fingers lookin for me"
26. Miss Murder􀀟 "I'm yummy"
27. LEMANIA INDIGO DESIGNS􀀠 "Upstairs in the corner lyes My Honor Hair"
28. Oddment􀀞 "Leonard doesn't bite. But he might getcha!"
29. kidz Gitawayz􀀝
30. Nik-kos 􀀜 "A spiked cupcake is still full of sweetness!!! "
31. The Mad Catter 􀀡 "This Mad Catter will be joining the party for a sugar fix"
32. Canningham Homes & Creations 􀀵 "For my birthday I want lemon flavored cupcakes! "
33. Boof􀀦 "Taking a break"
34. Crystal Designs􀀥
35. SB Wear􀀤 "I am not where you would think"
36. SculptyliciouZ 􀀣 "The Ghost and the Castle of Bricks"
37. Sour Pickles "Be Lazy With Me"