Friday, April 1, 2011

A Taste of the 50's Hints

1. Sour Pickles "I have an owie :/"
2. Tree House Treasures "Check the hint giver"
3. [hate this] "Tonight, I'm dancing til midnight."
4. [BedlaM] "Every girl loves Diamonds"
5. Sari's Creation's "Look in wall near mirrors"
6. [BAIT] "Monkey see, monkey do"
7. Razorblade Jacket "Can't have a sock hop without tunes!"
8. Xen Builds " Oh, you're getting warmer ! Hot even !!"
9. FIN *Relive the fifties* "Beware of the Chickens!"
10. pínkчtσαst "Jump around.. touch the ground.. and just give up and ask Maggie?"
11. Divalicious "Take a CHANCE on me"
12. Fuzion Fashion "PLAY THAT "PUNKY" MUSIC"
13. Illicit Designs "You are FORBIDDEN to leave without this gift"
14. Jaded Designs "Sitting in a corner so STRESSED"
15. ~~<3 Dahllywood <3~~ "Get comfy with the Wonderland Creatures."
16. Simple Designs "Dont forget about Bridesmaid's needs"
17. Amuse "What tune is the bird whistling?"
18. [[Puddlegum]] "Beware of Royal Sticky Fingers!"
19. Dani's "In building 1 go up 1 than you will find me hanging out with a lady in red and black with mesh."
20. Incendia Campfires & Caves "These animal skins are so soft "
21. CAMILLA'S "What a bargain"
22. Brass in Pocket "It's getting HOT in here and i'm MELTING"
23. Just my Imagination--Cleo Design "On a retro music box I am waiting to play,come and get me:)"
24. Brandy's Boutique "Ooooo I love Poodles!"
25. Wicked Rose Couture "Petter Cottontail know alls"
26. ><><><><>< " I am sitting between Tina and LeeAnn."
27. Morte's Seduction "See you in Autumn Splendor....that doesn't sound right does it?"
28. DKD "A tisket, a tasket, a torso and a basket"
29. Larnia Kids "Here kitty kitty!"
30. Mac's Supershack "Hmmmmm..... is that an Elvis record..."
31. Dory's Fangs and Lace "I HANG WITH STARS AT NIGHT."
32. [LoveFactory] "Follow your heart and you'll find the key"
33. =Flutterby= "Rock around the clock??? Nuh uh; I stop at midnight, thanks!"
34. KDee;s Designs "You climb these to get to heaven"
35. Grumble "And the records spin"
36. AIDORU (Adult Content) "Relax have a coffee"
37. Roxy's Place "Turn up the radio, I love this tune!"
38. Viviane Fashion "Take a seat and relax"
39. ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;
40. Flowerdreams Creations "I'm watching the waves.''
41. K2K Headquarter "Watch the barmaid inside"
42. Brat! Mainstore " If you want to dance, you'd better play some music.
43. Zoe's Garden "You might bump your head on this record once you find a pretty view. "
44. SE*Designz "Put on a gown and swing your hips to the sounds of the 50ies :D"
45. [The Plastik] "Peck, peck, peck; You'll have to steal it from my mouth. Don't fall over the edge, though."
46. Absolution "Someone seems to have dropped me under a table :o"
47. Crazy Cakes Toybox "Ive lost my marbles"
48. Kabuki Creations "Look for it by the Standing section (2nd Floor)"
49. Pink a Boo "Its Not on the floor or ceiling so where is it ???"
50. Chat'teigne "Angel eyes"
51. Mustard Creations
52. enLightened "Are you a Pepper?"
54. Les sucreries de Fairy "Follow me to the purple magical butterfly"
55. Room 312
56. Urban Republic Co "Yey. is spring again!"
58. Baily Studio "Find the Single easel, and find your prize with ease."
59. Virtual Interior Design and Decor "I like hiding underneath a table so I can watch people look for me."
60. kira's low prim goodies "Sit and look in the mirror i'm on a shelf"
61. Delaney's Delirium "Set sail on the sea of dreams"
62. ICONIC Couture "The spotlight is always on you."
63. Prop-N-Poses (PNP) "Cheer'ing 4 evah!"
64. * Stilecht * "Keeping it retro in the 50's"
65. PDN's Potpourri "Mink coats, hats and wraps were the rave during the 50's"
66. Loliposl "Walking to the light like Madeline"
67. *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~* "DO YOU LIKE THAT LIVING ROOM ? I DO ;)"
68. Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
69. AMAZING art gallery " I adore sounds so much so where you will see sounds thats where i will be....."
70. Twine Designs "Chase holds the Prize"
71. Axo's "This one will make you RUN!"
72. JE Club Equipment "Hey Mr Dj, put a record on!"
73. Ema's "They all applaude when they see you."
74. USC Textures "Take a LM near the big USC Midnight Mania board"
75. Candy Moon "Hint Giver"
76. .Divine Beauty. "Signs Are Good Leads"
77. AZE Designs "If you treat your 45s that way, you won't be able to spend your allowance on records anymore."
78. ^^Moulliez
79. Celebrations Textures "Three cheers for the red white and blue"
80. EVOL "*sings* "Gatcha get you into my life"
81. Appletree "Even little boys have to sit in the corner"
82. Miu'... "... Loving Jeans..."
83. Billy's Furniture Store "Take those old records off the _______,
I'll sit and listen to them by myself..."