Saturday, August 31, 2013

Taste the Colors Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Dondi's Doodads "Check the hint giver"
3. The Happy Hut "The Happy Hat color is that of Mint. To find me, check the Hunt Hints."
4. Co*Motion "I'm keeping an eye on you!"
5. The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee "New is New and Blue is Blue"
6. Naked "This time, things are behind the screen."
7. Isis Boutique "Pink, Yellow, Orange... No Salmon colored toe shoes. "
8. CaramelDiffusion "R'lyeh"
9. * Candy Cyanide * "Look up above the candy"
10. Heartless "Why not have a seat?"
11. Les sucreries de Fairy "You'll find me in the Tip jar and greeters area :)"
12. Image Reflections "White, Sheer and helps keeps the light down"
13. Rosengarten "The big red flowered bush might hide something you are looking for"
14. Potpourri Designs "I have butterflies"
15. Bayview Market "If the sun hits this at the right angle, it sometimes reflects a rainbow of colors."
16. =Axo's= "Mixing colors with black charcoal..."
17. Jess's Dream "Just Keep SMILING"
18. Fallen Storm "I love chocolate, do you?"
19. LilArt Creation "Not everybody loves garlic!"
20. ~Shadow Moon~ "Have you ever been to Scotland?"
21. DemotiK "Hint board in store"
22. Dreamscape Wedding Design "Climb the stairs and see two lovers."
23. ToXiC HiGh "Ewww. The cardboard man arm pits stink 0.o"
24. Izzy's Attic "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily."
25. LOoLOo's & Platypus Menswear "Do you like a little spice in your life?"
26. Feyline Fashions "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
27. Rassasy Foods "Where all the gossip starts..."
28. Ella & Elle Couture "Like a pot of gold, find me under the biggest rainbow."
29. Small World Furniture/Photography "Small World Furniture"
30. Textures Unbound "The lamps may shed some light on your search."
31. Myths Unbound "Special things can be found in the corners."
32. Pixelle Poses!  "Chocolate is the newest color!"
33. *P*A*W*S* "Pink and green foxy says have a slurp of my purple coolaid "
34. OUT
35. PRISM " Summer Casual....Lets Take a close look at this "
36. Khargo "Relax where you normally should work"
37. [ free bird ] "The Aucklet Bird loves the sand!"
38. ~Mesh Glam~ "Something sweet should always be at the end of a rainbow"
39. Imagine Flowers and Garden "Purple shroom boggies are my favorite."
40. SANNA-SCIENCE and ART "What is the Opposite of Water ?"
41. BOMSHIE "What's black white and crimson all over?" SKIP
42. Dressing Darlings "Exclusive Girl Outfit is Holding The Gift!"
43. The :Madness: Within "The only Rainbow item in the store is the only one in the 'pack'"
44. *Wishful Thinking* "This is the most perfect place to sit and people watch"
45. Vero Modero "If you drink too much you can't walk linear"
46. Reila Skins "I can see in color the first sign of spring"
47. London Core "Today is your lucky day"
48. *SLAVE* DreSSing RooM "..climbing stairs.."
49. OUT
50. The French LIck "Pick a pattern... any pattern"
51. Artic Storm "A bucket of flowers is always a step in the right direction"

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Taste the Colors Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. Dondi's Doodads
3. The Happy Hut
4. Co*Motion
5. The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
6. Naked
7. Isis Boutique
8. CaramelDiffusion
9. * Candy Cyanide *
10. Heartless
11. Les sucreries de Fairy
12. Image Reflections
13. Rosengarten
14. Potpourri Designs
15. Bayview Market
16. =Axo's=
17. Jess's Dream
18. Fallen Storm
19. LilArt Creation
20. ~Shadow Moon~
21. DemotiK
22. Dreamscape Wedding Design
23. ToXiC HiGh
24. Izzy's Attic
25. LOoLOo's & Platypus Menswear
26. Feyline Fashions
27. Rassasy Foods
28. Ella & Elle Couture
29. Small World Furniture/Photography
30. Textures Unbound
31. Myths Unbound
32. Ella & Elle Couture
33. *P*A*W*S*
34. Pretty-N-Pink
36. Khargo
37. [ free bird ]
38. ~Mesh Glam~
39. Imagine Flowers and Garden
42. Dressing Darlings
43. The :Madness: Within
44. *Wishful Thinking*
45. Vero Modero
46. Reila Skins
47. London Core
48. *SLAVE* DreSSing RooM
49. Strange addiction
50. The French Lick