Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rock Bottom Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Be nice or you might get knocked out"
2. Razorblade Beauties "Your parents aren't the only people to presents in the attic."
3. [BedlaM] "Pigs will fly !"
4. Para Designs "Guaranteed to find tattoos for just $50L near this stone!"
5. The Plastik "I may be small, but tall enough to see autumn has just passed"
6. Kabuki Creations "Look for it by the Waterfall "
7. Fuzion Fashion "If I were a rock!!! What window would I be in?"
8. [BAIT] "Gauge the situation"
9. Xen Builds "You're getting warmer.."
10. Sacred Roses "It is "floating" in the perfect way to end the day"
11. Illicit Designs "When you think it cant get worse the floor opens up again.....keep your eyes low to the ground"
12. Brass in Pocket "Check out the hint ball on the porch"
13. Razorblade Jacket "How'd that get up there?"
14. SculptyliciouZ "SoooOOoooo Hot"
15. [aRAWRa]
16. aMuse "Rocking it in the shoe room"
17. [Avoid]
18. Raid Spot "Etched in stone lies the treasure you seek"
19. .::DⓐBυVค::. "The rock doesn't fall too far from the pile"
20. Blurred "Which Rock is it?"
21. Dark Vision "This black flower grows well around rocks"
22. kandy couture "Armed Robbery"
23. Cortes'n'Rossini "Have a sit but dont get a cold"
24. Hello Kitty Land " Don't fall over the track."
25. Urban Republic Co/ URCo. "Is always nice to read a good book!"
26. Clothes Culture "Check the hint giver"
27. Room 312 "All stores has its secrets."
28. Tree House Treasures "Check the hint giver"
29. CAMILLA'S "Mmm Its not really nice, let alone smart to throw rocks at celestial beings!?!"
30. Triple Moon Market "Check the hint giver"
31. Neverland "On a walkway"
32. SR Leatherwerkx "I'm "Rockon' Around the Christmas Tree"!!!"
33. #Before Sleep# "Find the cupcake to find me. "
34. Carrasco's "I am mingling with the dirt and sunflowers"
35. [Acide!] "Take a pose"
36. =:::LuV YuselF:::= ...First, smashing the silence, a sonic sound wave! My heart skips a beat at the volume it gave. Then, slow and steady, and not at all rushed. A great rolling rumble, I stand still and hushed..."
37. EVOL "Group photo's are always fun"
38. Visualz::Sassy "Shine your rocks for the SL world to see!"
39. Making a Promise "I'm Cuddly warm in here."
40. [hate this] "This rock is hiding in the wrong season!"
41. ~*Mouthiiz*~ "I may not be loose change, but hey! I'm still worth digging around for! :) "
42. Gestures by Amy "God these xmas things again!"
44. Lemania Indigo Designs "A rock rolls under a chair and where does it land?"
45. Simply Beau "Feeling lucky?"

Rock Bottom Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. Razorblade Beauties
3. [BedlaM]
4. Para Designs
5. The Plastik
6. Kabuki Creations
7. Fuzion Fashion
8. [BAIT]
9. Xen Builds
10. Sacred Roses
11. Illicit Designs
12. Brass in Pocket
13. Razorblade Jacket
14. SculptyliciouZ?
15. [aRAWRa]
16. aMuse
17. [Avoid]
18. Raid Spot
19. .::DⓐBυVค::.
20. Blurred
21. Dark Vision
22. kandy couture
23. Cortes'n'Rossini
24. Hello Kitty Land
25. Urban Republic Co/ URCo.
26. Clothes Culture
27. Room 312
28. Tree House Treasures
30. Triple Moon Market
31. Neverland
32. SR Leatherwerkx
33. #Before Sleep#
34. Carrasco's
35. [Acide!]
36. =:::LuV YuselF:::=
37. EVOL
38. Visualz::Sassy
39. Making a Promise
40. [hate this]
41. ~*Mouthiiz*~
42. Gestures by Amy
44. Lemania Indigo Designs
45. Simply Beau

Monday, November 1, 2010


I just wanted to share this all with you guys, I find it VERY exciting!! Thanks so much for this recognition who ever you are <3 Xandra

Family Jewels Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Be lazy with me and take off your boots when you come home."
2. []Pole[] "I enjoy shade now and again"
3. Kabuki Creations " Look for it by New Release Areas !!! Goodluck !!!"
4. Bellies "Gems often are made under lots of pressure."
5. Sculptify "Just light up, this will be a breeze. Just look around your knees."
6. Juicy Larma's "1. Its time to get into the holiday spirit. Oh my... I need to make some Christmas Cards to send out! 2. In the Mens building, step right in. Look left, look right, look all around. Though I doubt there will be any clothes up this high!"
7. Poised
8. [BedlaM] "Guarded by a posse"
9. [hate this] "Tristessa stands guard over the treasure."
10. [Avoid] "Don't forget the trash"
11. Xen Builds "Relax, get comfy, but don't spill the beans !!"
12. Razorblade Jacket "This stall needs a good cleaning...."
13. MAC's SuperShack "Keep Your Jewels High & Dry"
14. *SB Wear* "Boys love to look up these"
15. Kandy Couture "If your "lucky" you may find me near a chair that wasnt there"
16. Vicarious Vitae "Boys will be boys"
17. Bella's Boutique "The Family Jewels are hidden in a safe place so the "Malice Girls" can keep a eye on them."
18. Fuzion Fashion "MMMM sure does smell like cherry Blossoms over here......"
19. [Acide]"Under the table"
20. Shadow Moon "Morning Darling... would you like your porridge now? "
21. Timeless Textures "If you were planning to build the Crown JEWELS you might like to check this section first!"
22. [BAIT] "Buy me for a friend!"
23. Design 360 "1. Hint - TP to Bathrooms.... Hint... cleanliness comes before godliness..."
24. Deadly Poetic
25. GQ Fashions For Men "Have A Cup On Me"
26. Elisabeth's Store "You need to propose ;-)"
27 ~Myself~ "I love classic Tank Top!"
28. GooDVibez Mens
29. Blurred "You are Certificated!"
30. :Robbish: "Is it just a step to the left? Hm, no. - But it's a jump to the right! Ohhh, I love shoes."
31. octy's "Perhaps Picard will show you the way."
32. Brass in Pocket "There's a Great Veiw from the 2nd story DECK"
34. ::Para Designs:: "Have a seat to get a tat while you look around!"
35. Eye Candi "Look for Georgia's Photo."
36. !! Never Ever! " I wanna be a boy....just for one day"
37. \RCS\
38. Clothes Culture "Please touch hint board outside shop for latest hint"
39. [milfy] stUffs "Change the record"
40. Dark Side Creations
41. Visions Gallery "In the Main Shop, first floor, N/W corner, near the fireplace."
42. SCULPTYLICIOUZ "Bone Freezing Times"
43. BMC "Know any good places for some Phuket Green Pants?"
44. PA DESIGNE "Look for a plant"
45. "Have a seat, relax, put your feet up, wait, what's that down there? A hidden treasure?"
46. Elemental Earth Designs "Look by the men's items"
47. Embody Shapes & Poses "Please click the big, purple star by the main entrance for a list of current hunt hints!"
48. YRCool fashion
49. lola creations "You will see much more then mania at midnight"
50. Raid Spot Designs "None shall pass to go upstairs"
51. Redrose & Tempest
52. Gothic Demon "Look high, but you wont find it around any other guys"
53. Dani's "See the red eagle fly "
54. Dirty Laundry "An uncommon side stand for a bike."
55. Bound by Nature "Wrapped in wire"