Thursday, December 29, 2011

Frumpy Furniture Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Treasured Cove "While I move about occasionally, I always stay in a single room. Don't fear the huge store, it's really not so bad once you figure me out. I like to hang out amongst the random and misc sculpts and look at everything."
3. Zoe's Garden "Do YOU think that a wagon wheel makes furniture frumpy??"
4. Little House of Curios "Should I go upstairs or downstairs?"
5. Larnia Kids " Comb your whiskers"
6. {dirty.little.secret] "Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down..."
7. PRIME "I can see the back of a blackboard."
8. Creations "A great place to "lounge" around."
9. Riddlebox "Get in shape after xmas!"
10. PDN's Potpourri "That furniture isnt frumpy at all, It would look nice near the CURIO."
11. The Happy Hat "Click to hear what I say on where this pillow does lay."
12. Ahmused Xpresnz "Come and relax ur little feet after u have stuffed urself all over xmas"
13. Room 312 "Can be anywhere INSIDE the STORE.. Even under my shadow *grins* Check fine the details."
14. So Berry Licious Boutique "Lil Jack Horner Sat in a CORNER "
15. bees heaven shop "This pillow light up my day"
16. Jinxed Toys & Magic "Look OUT for this little bit of green."
17. Tree House Treasures
18. Canningham Homes & Creations "I am exhausted! I think I will "Chillax" on this flowered bag."
19. Pipper's Place " Find Pipper's Fall Desk And You'll Find Me..."
20. AMAZING gallery "I adore clothes.............jeans........"
21. Shadow Moon "I might need these later to pack up this furniture."
22. Tienda de Textura (-TDT-) "I sure hope it doesn't rain"
23. Brass in Pocket "EWWWWW What's that floating in the Soup?"
24. ::Travisty:: "What's in his pocket"
25. Dark Vision "You may find a copy of Arabian Nights Tales where i am hiding"
26. *Lil' Bitz* "Who runs the world"
27. Z Best Textures Hint Giver for all Hunts is located on the wall behind the desk at the front of the store. Please click this "Hunt Hints" sign to get your Frumpy Furniture Hunt hint.
28. BagLady Design "Sometimes life is just beachy ."
29. Geek Sheek "You spin me right round baby right round."
30. Eric's Art Gallery "Somestimes the best gifts are wrapped in a box "
31. Lemons & Cream "Time to take a break to nom some cupcakes and pickles! "
32. Aphrodite Restaurant " Its holidays time!!!! It must be on the "holiday" products!"
33. Boof "What's wrong with this candy"
33. Shadow Dreams Nnext to you"

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Frumpy Furniture Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. Treasured Cove
3. Zoe's Garden
4. Little House of Curios
5. Larnia Kids
6. {dirty.little.secret]
8. Creations
9. Riddlebox
10. PDN's Potpourri
11. The Happy Hat
12. Ahmused Xpresnz
13. Room 312
14. So Berry Licious Boutique
15. bees heaven shop
16. Jinxed Toys & Magic
17. Tree House Treasures
18. Canningham Homes & Creations
19. Pipper's Place
20. AMAZING gallery
21. Shadow Moon
22. Tienda de Textura (-TDT-)
23. Brass in Pocket
24. ::Travisty::
25. Dark Vision
26. *Lil' Bitz*
27. Z Best Textures
28. BagLady Design
29. Geek Sheek
30. Eric's Art Gallery
31. Lemons & Cream
32. Aphrodite Restaurant
33. Boof
33. Shadow Dreams

Friday, December 2, 2011

Frumpy Furniture Hunt January 1-31

Sour Pickles brings you Frumpy Furniture Hunt

This hunt will take place from January 1-31

Accepting application till December 16th

Open to PG and Mature Stores
If you have the following in your store please do not apply
-Sexual role play items or clothing
-To mature for kids to see
- NO CLUB OR MALLS (Unless your a shop in the mall or your main store is located in the mall)

The THEME: Wacky, homley, family, kids ANY TYPE OF FURNITURE OR DECOR!


Your Name :

Store owners name:

Name of your store:

Your Landmark :

Your slurl :

What is the maturity of your sim? (PG/MATURE)

What types of items does your store sell?

Any idea what you would like to make for this hunt?

Would you like the group invite? (Y/N)

If you don't have room for a group, here is the link for the board.

When completed, make sure it is in the correct format and send to Xandra Bressig.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Broken Resolutions Hunt Hints

1. Sour PIckles "You Must be this Teen Size to ride"
2. [Bedlam} "Dont Shred your list until at least February"
3. SculptyliciouZ "Beyond the falling Stars"
4. Lil Bits "Are you on the "Naughty" List"
5. Divalicious "*sings* I'm on the EDGE of glory....."
6. KaiAna "How is this not catching fire??"
7. Boof "Watch me closely"
8. Dirty lil Secrets "If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!"
9. Les sucreries de Fairy " I love Venice"
10. SoBerryLicious Boutique "Lets Make Music "
11. Kakia Designs "Everyone Loves Something New"
12. Sexy Design "Clue One-- Santa´s Elf have your Letter" "Clue Two--Red bing yourself up to win"
13. PRIME "Click the doorman for hint"
14. Pipper's Place " Find Pipper's Barn Star Rag Doll And You'll Find Me..."
15. Incendia "WOW a Massage is just what the Dr ordered"
16. PDN's Potpourri "Most New Years Resolutions are broken on New Years day"
17. Tree House Treasures "Check the hint giver"
18. Off the Wall "You do that voodoo so well"
19. Grumble "Apply for a job"
20. Simply Designed "Clue One--When the world is ending, one should call "the Doctor" "Clue Two--The tardis is the safest place during the end of the world."
21. [: B!ASTA :] "First one on my list of broken resolutions: Didn't i want to get back my bikini shape? Doh! -.-"
22. The Happy Hat "Click the hint giver and I will tell Of a Resolution which was a fail"
23. Room 312 " Every store has its Secrets. WARNING - There is a PHANTOM inside the store keeping you away from the prize ;)"
24. Dark Vision "STRIPEY"
25. *-*Purretes*-* "I'm going to another planet"
26. .:: SoKen KiDs ::. "The Second Star to the Right Where Dreams Come True <3"
27. Lullabies "Somewhere between a Panda and a Adnap"
28. Morte's Seduction "I have a hint giver at the shop"
29. #Before Sleep# "Check The Chalkboard"
30. Abia Capalini Design "I have such a lot of work till xmas....."
31. AMAZING gallery " I adore paintings and art so if you see painting just look for me there!!"
32. SchnaeppchenGrotte "They always applaud when they see you."
33. Lavish Living by Lizzy "Clue One: --It's out of this world how much L I eat!"
"Clue Two -- It's a precious miracle you carry..."
34. [Kilter] "Don't worry, you're forgiven"
35. Children Of Ares " I Smell Cookies @_@''"
36. Buildwerk "The last cigarette! Really!"
37. Ema's "They always applaud when they see you."
38. NaCrS "Not suitable for claustrophobic people"
39. Xen's Hats "She's makin' a list and checkin' it twice."
40. Artistry by ~ E ~ "No hint, use your head to find this wicked gift"
41. Orchid Lotus and Moondance " I keep my list under my hat"
42. Creations "The warmth of the holiday season is upon us."
43. Marcel's Beautiful World "Let's learn about my culture"
44. MSM "You'll find us below the Velvet runway."
45. ;;; CERO STYLE ;;; "Too much formal here!!"
46. Marymac
47. ::Modish:: "So tempting is the handle wonder which i will get"
48. Wild Serenity "You can find me where you least imagine it. "
49. Urban Republic Co. "Birds?"
50. Aphrodite Restaurant, Megastore & Cofeehouse " Some things just all out of the Frame.. especially beauty, but some cling to stay in."
51. Julia Collection "I'm by a bed that has a lamp and and a book by its side."
52. retro' "someone should also clean under rugs"
53. Destiny's Designs "Something tells me Anna will be breaking one of her resolutions."
54. RVi Design "If the world ended, I would join the pirates... and promise I will share the loot!"
55. Ahmused Xpresnz "Im one checking my nawty n gud list.... Let me see wat other lists i have on my table to check?"
56. Suki's Silken Fashions "Broken promises won't keep this Goddess of Love down."
57. LC Designs "I am having a great Time at the Party"
58. Saris Creation's "Look near lingeries down the gold arrow"
59. Lotus Noir "Ask three people before they go away by car"
60. Ziva's Underground Footware "Steppin' out this winter in style."
61. Framed Soul "Sometimes we just need to"
62. Casual T's "Things to do if the world ends: #1 Get the sewing machine fixed."
63. WAFFLEZ "Before it all ends lets grab as many sale items as we can!!!!!"
64. Ostentatious "Drape yourself in the finest things at Ostentatious"
65. Shadow Dreams "He said what????"
66. [ Nectar! ] "Ask Mo. "
67. 20.Five "Followed by your footprints"
68. ::.riddlebox.:: ""DONT PEEK! damnit!""
69. Brass in Pocket "Look What Santa Let On the Tree for you"
70. [Eat Paste] "If the world ended today, I would dress up like a clown!"
71. Holiday Bliss "Hint given in hint giver"
72. {Little House of Curios}:~ "I tried to quit smoking but I couldn't"
73. ::Travisty:: "That looks comfy"

Friday, November 18, 2011

Broken Resolutions Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. [Bedlam}
3. SculptyliciouZ
4. Lil Bits
5. Divalicious
6. KaiAna
7. Boof
8. Dirty lil Secrets
9. Les sucreries de Fairy
10. SoBerryLicious Boutique
11. Kakia Designs
12. Sexy Design
14. Pipper's Place
15. Incendia
16. PDN's Potpourri
17. Tree House Treasures
18. Off the Wall
19. Grumble
20. Simply Designed
21. [: B!ASTA :]
22. The Happy Hat
23. Room 312
24. Dark Vision
25. *-*Purretes*-*
26. .:: SoKen KiDs ::.
27. Lullabies
28. Morte's Seduction
29. #Before Sleep#
30. Abia Capalini Design
31. AMAZING gallery
32. SchnaeppchenGrotte
33. Lavish Living by Lizzy
34. [Kilter]
35. Children Of Ares
36. Buildwerk
37. Ema's
38. NaCrS
39. Xen's Hats
40. Artistry by ~ E ~
41. Creations
42. Orchid Lotus and Moondance
43. Marcel's Beautiful World
44. [YOS]
45. ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;
46. Marymac
47. ::Modish::
48. Wild Serenity
49. Urban Republic Co.
50. Aphrodite Restaurant, Megastore & Cofeehouse
51. Julia Collection
52. retro'
53. Destiny's Designs
54. RVi Design
55. Ahmused Xpresnz
56. Suki's Silken Fashions
57. LC Designs
58. Saris Creation's
59. Lotus Noir
60. Ziva's Underground Footware
61. Framed Soul
62. Casual T's
64. Ostentatious
65. Shadow Dreams
66. [ Nectar! ]
67. The Silly Season Store
68. ::.riddlebox.::
69. Brass in Pocket
70. [Eat Paste]
71. Holiday Bliss
72. Little House of Curios

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Broken Resoultion Hunt December 1-31

Sour Pickles brings you Broken Resolutions Hunt

This hunt will take place from December 1-31

Accepting application till Novemeber 16th

Open to PG and Mature Stores
If you have the following in your store please do not apply
-Sexual role play items or clothing
-To mature for kids to see
- NO CLUB OR MALLS (Unless your a shop in the mall or your main store is located in the mall)


Your Name :

Store owners name:

Name of your store:

Your Landmark :

Your slurl :

What is the maturity of your sim? (PG/MATURE)

What types of items does your store sell?

Any idea what you would like to make for this hunt?

Would you like the group invite? (Y/N)

If you dont have room for a group, here is the link for the board.

Please change the name of this to your full name only and send it to Xandra Bressig

Monday, October 31, 2011

Very Important Hunters Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Look up, look low. We are the displays in which sport the fabulous products"
2. *Lil' Bitz* "Maybe the right jeans are the Sassy ones."
3. Plastik "Fashion glam adds a little bit extra to any Ambrice Dress"
4. Fuzion Fashion SKIP
5. Syrenz Shadowz "Awww those chains have a cute lil red bow."
6. Divalicious "All very important hunters should join the update group"
7. Razorblade Jacket "All of this can be yours, with just one click of each."
8. Little House of Curios "I'm so very important I gotta hide in a corner."
9. ThatChick "Hunt hint will be provided in the very large silver Hunt Hint in store hint giver :)"
10. [Void] "Wall of posed, in red clothes, curly hair, with horns bare, arms crossed, faith lost, look twice and stare, you'll find it there."
11. Larnia Kids "Pack up for school!"
12. Brass in Pocket "Don't Leave until you have your Photo taken.
Take a Photo then send it to Sunset Byrd for a chance to win 1,000 Lindens"
13. 20.Five "Hint at the entrance of shop"
14. Prime "Click the doorman for hints"
16. Ema's "They always applaude when they see you."
17. ~*The Muffin Shack*~ "Look out! Train!"
18. bees heaven shop "This bow is such a nice decoration"
19. Saris Creation's "Marini can see what the choice for your accessory will be"
20. Grumble "Have a seat near the water's edge"
21. So Berry Licious Boutique "Sit and have a cup of tea"
22. Tree House Treasures "Please see the hint box for the latest hint"
23. Ahmused Xpresnz "I maybe out of sight but i can make ur head spin looking around for me!!!!!!!!!"
24. PDN's Potpourr "The Autumn tree leaves are so pretty, I love to sit and watch them fall."
25. Crazy Cakes Toybox "ITS SO FLUFFY I THINK IM GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
26. Room 312 ""Every store has Its secrets.
WARNING - There is a PHANTOM inside the store keeping you away from the prize ;) "
27. Etinceler "Sparkling Diamonds"
28. Pipper's Place "The Christmas Shop Would Be The First Place I Would Look......"
29.#Before Sleep# "Check out the TV"
30. [BedlaM] "Watch out for the thorns"
31. Brent's Book Nook "Now where in the "Dickens" did he hide me?"
32. SIGMA Jewels "Straight ahead"
33. !!X Factor!! Stores "Beyond the plants is a glimmer coming from a peculiar window"
34. .:MewMew:. "In all honesty, I would never wear that hat. "
35. Dark Vision "DONT TRIP UP OR DOWN ME"
36. The Happy Hat "Check the hint giver at the sign; for I move around all the time. "
37. ~Cheesy Poses~ "Every girl needs a pretty bow in her hair"
38. Tigerlily "is it Dharma or Kharma?"

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Very Important Hunters Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. *Lil' Bitz*
3. Plastik
4. Fuzion Fashion
5. Shadow Dreams
6. Divalicious
7. Razorblade Jacket
8. Little House of Curios
9. ThatChick
10. [Void]
11. Larnia Kids
12. Brass in Pocket
13. 20.Five
14. Prime
16. Ema's
17. ~*The Muffin Shack*~
18. bees heaven shop
19. Saris Creation's
20. Grumble
21. So Berry Licious Boutique
22. Tree House Treasures
23. Ahmused Xpresnz
24. PDN's Potpourr
25. Crazy Cakes Toybox
26. Room 312
27. Etinceler
28. Pipper's Place
29.#Before Sleep#
30. [BedlaM]
31. Brent's Book Nook
32. SIGMA Jewels
33. !!X Factor!! Stores
34. .:MewMew:.
35. Dark Vision
36. The Happy Hat
37. ~Cheesy Poses~
38. Tigerlily

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Twist of Fruit Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Being blunt is key, stay tuned for changes"
2. Segundo "Can you see his banana?"
3. Divalicious "Who knew bunnies loved bananas"
4. Alter Ego "smells like a rotten banana, who left it under the chairs?"
5. Plastik "I Like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas"
6. Razorblade Jacket "The Darker the berry...the sweeter the juice."
7. Boof "Just a swimming"
8. Tree House Treasures "Check out the hint giver"
9. Little House of Curios "I like to sit way up here and watch the birds during the say and the stars at night"
10. Zoe's Garden "You need to get high to find this fruit. Wait...shame on you....I meant ELEVATED!"
11. 20.Five " Find the hunt object, it is located in the shop "
12. Tree House Treasures "Just check the hint box :)"
13. Brass in Pocket "Have a seat, rest your feet, and take a look, read a book"
14. Illicit Designs "I LIKE A BIT OF SUGAR WITH MY FRUIT;) DON'T U?"
15. AMERICAN BIZAARE "My purse is too small! I need a bigger one!"
16. Larnia Kids "Bubble bubble toil and trouble!"
17. [SHUSH] "Sit back and relax"
18. !! Never Ever! "Bananas always growing in a tree"
19. Pipper's Place "Find the braided rug vendor and you'll find me......"
20. ZERO COOL Designz "A apple a day, keeps the doctor away!"
21. PRIME Furniture "Click the handsome doorman for hint"
22. Para Designs "Check the hint board for your clue"
24. The Happy Hat "Touch the hint to show Where this fruit does grow"
25. Crazy Cakes Toybox "Just hanging with my fruit friends in the fruit stand"
26. Shadow Moon "They say Bananas are good for your head."
27. Simple Designs "2 great groups"
28. [Bedlam] "You can leave your hat on"
29. Pin Cushion "Do you want my CHERRY or would you like a piece of PIE?"
30. Karmas Kreations "Planking with these neat folded shirts."
31. PDN's Potpourri "Thats not a bowl of fruit, Its a bowl of balls :("
32. Wicked Rose " Life is a bowl of cherries"
33. Virtual Interior Design & Decor I have "faith" that you will "love" this gift of fruit.
34. Seil Xpression Poses "I love the gifts"
35. USC Textures "Guy the Gorilla has been playing Mini Mania"
36. Urban Republic Co. "Twist of fruit? Twist of CANDY?"
37. bees heaven shop "Yeah, Rock'n Roll Baby!"
38. Morte's Seduction "We have a hint giver at the shop we will use"
39. ^^Moulliez "mmm...fruit and cupcakes taste so yummy together"
40. ** In A Nutshell ** "You might be mooned!"
41. Bleeding Pink "Even the group can find this one."
42. Fuzion Fashion "A True Love Story Never Dies..."
43. #Before Sleep# "That banana is on TV!"
44. Les sucreries de Fairy "I love pink skulls"
45. Aphrodite Megastore "Make today YOUR day, meditate, zen, relax,go to a beauty saloon and make yourself pretty!"
46. *~*Dirty Dollies*~* "I *LOVE* to play dress up and it's that time of year!! First, get "Made Up" with make up and I'll supply the shoes! We can be Strawberry Shortcake dollies together!!"
47. Dani's "I am so.....Sensual"
48. Timeless Textures "Head UPSTAIRS where you can get STONED to your hearts delight, legally!"
49. K2K Headquarter "Watch the barmaid inside"
50. *Lil' Bitz* "Working for food has it's privileges"
51. Shadow Dreams "That banana has my vote!"
52. [ᴘᴇᴛʀɪᴄʜᴏʀ] "Please recycle your banana peel ;D"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twist of Fruit Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. Segundo
3. Divalicious
4. Alter Ego
5. Plastik
6. Razorblade Jacket
7. Boof
8. Tree House Treasures
9. Little House of Curios
10. Zoe's Garden
11. 20.Five
12. Tree House Treasures
13. Xen Builds
14. Illicit Designs
16. Larnia Kids
17. [SHUSH]
18.!! Never Ever!
19. Pipper's Place
20. ZERO COOL Designz
21. PRIME Furniture
22. Sacred Roses
23. Dark Vision
24. The Happy Hat
25. Crazy Cakes Toybox
26. Shadow Moon
27. Simple Designs
28. [Bedlam]
29. Pin Cushion
30. Karmas Kreations
31. PDN's Potpourri
32. WIcked Rose
33. Virtual Interior Design & Decor
34. Seil Xpression poses
35. USC Textures
36. Urban Republic Co.
37. bees heaven shop
38. Morte's Seduction
39. ^^Moulliez
40.** In A Nutshell **
41. Bleeding Pink
42. Ema's
43. #Before Sleep#
44. Les sucreries de Fairy
45. Aphrodite Megastore
46. *~*Dirty Dollies*~*
47. Dani's
48. Timeless Textures
49. K2K Headquarter
50. *Lil' Bitz*
51. Shadow Dreams
52. .[ᴘᴇᴛʀɪᴄʜᴏʀ].

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Plundering Villages Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Watch your step or you might fall over"
2. Segundo "Max"imize you hunting potential
3. Love // Culture "This head doesn't quite fit on this fake thing."
4. Needful Necessities "2nd crystal on the right and straight on till morning. "
5. Plastik "Check out the hint giver at the front of the store"
6. Xen Builds "This one is clearly high and above the rest !"
7. Larnia Kids "VIP for me!"
8. Para Designs "Make sure to check out the hint giver"
9. Fuzion Fashion--SKIP FOR NOW
10. Acide "Pieces of Us is a bodice of beauty"
11. 20.Five "Hint is located at entrance of shop"
12. Boof "Portable"
13. Bedlam "Look for the jolly roger"
14. AlterEgo " Argh me mateys, dont be lazy, our bone is hidden up high to make you crazy!"
15. Southpaw "See the hintgiver at the store. "
16. Razorblade Jacket "There's no plank down here..."
17. Little House of Curios "I be needin' t' watch a wee bit o' tv befor'.........arrrrrrgh!!!"
18. Illicit Designs "Peep a BOO!"
19. [VOID] "It's a game of men and kings"
20. .::DⓐBυVค::. "You stinking bone. Go and get a more pleasant smell while you hanging there."
21. Brass in Pocket "I hear noises in the Attic."
22. Eye Candi "May I help you?"
24. ** Xeolots ** ""Enter the store and find it" Can't miss it"
25. PDN's Potpourri "Hee ho and a bottle of rum, all they have on this raft is champagne."
26. Tree House Treasures "I have a bone to pick with you so rest in peace."
27. .[PETRICHOR]. "I love feeling the falling dew splash on my face."
28. Urban Republic Co. " Coffee Time."
29. Crazy Cakes Toybox "Shiver me timbers and batten down the hatches we are going to crash into the sand."
30. Trendy Teen "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me. We're Beggers and Blighters, Scurvy Dogs of the Sea, Search Around, me 'Earties, Yo Ho. Salvation is where the prize be. Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life For Me. "
31. bees heaven shop "All that glitters is not gold."
32. PNP: Props N Poses "I drinks me rum "By The Sea" Arrr"
33. Pipper's Place "Find Pippe's Block Vendor And You'll Find Me Arrrrrr...."
34. Sacred Roses "The Captain must have been drunk for this to happen"
35. Incendia Campfires & Caves "MmMmM those massage oils smell good"
36. Aphrodite Megastore "I think it should be where the lovers rests"
37. Marcel's Beautiful World "Relax, take a sit, hear the sound of water, and read magazine... hmmm.. sounds good :)"
38. Simple Designs "Center & Bright"
39. LadyJCreations Portraits and Gallery
40. :: Soken Kids Galaxy::. "Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, A Wacky Life for Me!"
41. Saris Creation's "Look the bonne behind the big heart"
42. QTs Closet "Look high in the cool weather section
43. Dani's "Oh just SHOCK me!!!!!"
44. Suki's Silken Fashions "All pirates like to seal the deal..."
45. vMotional "These dudes are just posers"
46. [MuTeD] GeStUReS "What's on the market today?
48. PixyStix "15 paces into the Mostly Harmless, then 20 paces to the right into PixyStix, search for the treasure keeper and hands off my pennies!!"
49. Destiny's Designs "Look for the flame..."
50. Real Glamour "Signed, sealed and delivered"
51. BelDimi Gestures "Pirating forever"
52. Shadow Dreams (A) "Coulda sworn it said pillage and not pillar, so how did that bone get up there?"
54. Ziva's Underground Footware "Yo ho yo ho a pirates new life for me..."
55. ZERO COOL Designz "Behind the counter the bone you will find, Attention, it's a little bit spooky, never mind. Just tell the bone: "Show me the way" , right. But keep a eye on it, don't loose it out sight."
56. The Happy Hat "Click upon the Bone for a hint on where I have made my home."
57. Chywe's "Feel like a child again, or enjoy your solitude."
58. Shadow Moon "Who needs a plank when you have one of these? They fall for it everytime! "
59. Silmae's Essentials "Falleen red skies at night bring sailor's delight..."
60. Les sucreries de Fairy "I love fat cats"
61. RAMEL'S design -OUT OF HUNT
62. :[strip'd]: Fashion "Look high and look low, you'll find your bootie behind the Hoe."
63. Grumble "Ahoy Matey, take a load off and have a seat"
64. Pin Cushion "This happens at Dawn? "
65. K2K Headquarter " Watch the barmaid inside"
66. Ema's "They applaude when they see you."
67. -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles "In t' olden days a lot o' pirates ended up in a shallow grave somewhere by t' aft door."
68. .:Furore:. " Pirates love shiny and golden Treasures, especially sculptures made of pure gold."
69. G SLOANE COUTURE " Buckle-up and brace yourself, shiver me timbers there's a lot of booty up here. Arrrrgh!"
70. ::Calaveras y Diablitos:: "See my belly button"
71. ::Fe:: Fashion emergency "Diamonds and aliens!"
72. Wee 3 " Yo ho ho and a bottle of.....milk?!?!"
73. Geek Sheek "It's not on 9, but it's up there!"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Plundering Villages Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. Segundo
4. Needful Necessities
5. Plastik
6. Xen Builds
7. Larnia Kids
8. Para Designs
9. Fuzion Fashion
10. Acide
11. 20.Five
12. Boof
13. Bedlam
14. AlterEgo
15. Southpaw
16. Razorblade Jacket
17. Little House of Curios
18. Illicit Designs
19. [VOID]
20. .::DⓐBυVค::.
21. Brass in Pocket
22. Eye Candi
23. Glazed
24. ** Xeolots **
25. PDN's Potpourri
26. Tree House Treasures
28. Urban Republic Co.
29. Crazy Cakes Toybox
30. Trendy Teen
31. bees heaven shop
32. PNP: Props N Poses
33. Pipper's Place
34. Sacred Roses (A)
35. Incendia Campfires & Caves
36. Aphrodite Megastore
37. Marcel's Beautiful World
38. Simple Designs
39. LadyJCreations Portraits and Gallery
40. ::Soken Kids Galaxy::
41. Saris Creation's
42. QTs Closet
43. Dani's
44. Suki's Silken Fashions
45. vMotional
46. [MuTeD] GeStUReS
47. Dark Vision
48. Scratch Skins & Shapes
49. Destiny's Designs
50. Real Glamour
51. BelDimi Gestures
52. Shadow Dreams (A)
53. OwlToast
54. Ziva's Underground Footware
55. ZERO COOL Designz
56. The Happy Hat
57. Chywe's
58. Shadow Moon
59. Silmae's Essentials
60. Les sucreries de Fairy
61. RAMEL'S design
62. :[strip'd]: Fashion
63. Grumble
64. Pin Cushion
65. K2K Headquarter
66. Ema's
67. -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles
68. .:Furore:.
70. ::Calaveras y Diablitos::
71. ::Fe:: Fashion emergency
72. Wee 3
73. Geek Sheek

Monday, August 1, 2011

Karaoke Say What Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Gotta represent..wonder where I can get a shirt at.."
2. Tree House Treasures "Please see hint box for latest hint!"
3. Segundo " This can't possibly the the Last"Chance"
4. Plastik "Singin like a bird"
5. Divalicious "BELIEVE me, I cant sing to save myself"
6. Fuzion Fashion "A true Love Story never Dies!"
7. Southpaw "Last time I saw it I was reading a good book, but don't get too Twisted up about it. I'm sure you'll find it soon. "
8. 20.Five "Check hints in front of store"
9. Zoe's Garden "These enormous flowers get plenty of water!"
10. aMuse "Sing along to my favourite GaGa song "Paparazzi"
11. Xen Builds "Uh-Oh, might get into some hot water !!!"
12. Bedlam "Sitting on the dock of the bay"
13. Boof "FRAMED"
14. Razorblade Jacket "Can't have karaoke without music"
15. Shaodw Dreams "Go up, up, up somewhere tween a cross and a coffin."
16. [GIO] Home Furnishings "Ooops, My mic fell out of my pocket."
17. Glazed "The purring of a loved one is music to ones ear."
18. AlterEgo "Alright who gave Spunk a mic? I really dont need to hear crude comments any louder! o.0"
19. PDN's Potpourri "We love going to the Bistro on Karaoke Night."
20. Dani's "On second floor I will be with lady in red toxic."
21. .[PETRICHOR]. "Music is my boyfriend."
22. ZERO COOL Designz "Anywhere in a Maze .... !"
23. [: B!ASTA :] "Uh oh - you think that this mic is waterproof? I'm afraid i just accidentally watered it.... :-O"
24. Sonata Inc "Sometimes, things get a little steamy in here"
25. Urban Republic Co. "You might get stained."
26. Suki's Silken Fashions " It's girl's night and all they want to sing are sea shanties."
27. [VoiD] "When you've sung so long that you've lost your song, you can find it beneath where the butterfly's gone."
28. So Berry Licious Boutique
29. Simple Designs "She's not worth looking at, but she can sing"
30. Destiny's Designs "I need Serenity. In a place where I can hide."
31. Bleeding Pink "I'm Stuck and Covered In yellow stuff! "
32. Clothes Culture "Please touch hint poster for latest hint"
33. Bella's "Check the hint giver"
34. Ziva's Underground Footware "My assistant can't carry a tune in a bucket, just ask her."
35. .:Furore:. " Beautiful eyes"
37. Indigo Oddities "This Doll can Sing! (Look Up)"
38. Silmae's Essentials "You might recognize me, I used to sing for Jabba the Hut."
39. Virtual Textures " I love to sign in front of my books" :)
40. USC Textures "Look for directions to Sit and Win, then step up to the mic"
41. vMotional "By now, you probably just want to find a corner and fall asleep!"
42. ^^Moulliez "Shondra loves to sing karaoke."
43. The Happy Hat "Music causes me to dance and spin. Click the hint giver and hear where I am."
44. Sexy Swagger
45. Three Sissy's Shop "Karaoke Bride!"
46. POST "Like A Bird On A Wire"
47. Real Glamour "Don't be a dummy."
48. Aphrodite Megastore & Coffeehouse "On the gifts section? sure?????"
49. Marcel's Beautiful World "Have something blocking your road to the happiness? "
50. Illict Designs "Music binds us together"
51. K2K Headquarter "Watch the barmaid inside."
52. Les sucreries de fairy "I love gown and balroom"
53. MAC's SuperShack" Karaoke ya say... Karaoke Nights!"
54. *~*Dirty Dollies*~* "You'd have to be "Truly Outrageous!!" to find this microphone!"
55. Trendy Teen "If you can't find me you may be singing this.... "
56. Karmas Kreations "Lets sing about LOVE."
57. ~:{Little House of Curios}:~ "Can someone please turn on a dang light in here?"
58. Needful Necessities "In-store hint giver"
59 .Larnia Kids "He thinks he's a Giant star"
60. Gestures by Mi "Karaoke Toons"
61. Crazy Cakes Toybox "Flap,Flutter,or Fly just get over here"
62. bees heaven shop "Not every bee is dangerous... i met a really musical one"
63. Bodyshot "Sing without lyrics? Nah"
64. The Angels' Den "I'm a star!"
65. Pippers Place "'I'm Singing Into The Microphone..."

Monday, July 25, 2011

Karaoke Say What Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. Tree House Treasures
3. Segundo
4. Plastik
5. Divalicious
6. Fuzion Fashion
7. Southpaw
8. 20.Five
9. Zoe's Garden
10. aMuse
11. Xen Builds
12. Bedlam
13. Boof
14. Razorblade Jacket
15. Shadow Dreams
16. [GIO] Home Furnishings
17. Glazed
18. AlterEgo
19. PDN's Potpourri
20. Dani's
22. ZERO COOL Designz
23. [: B!ASTA :]
24. Sonata Inc
25. Urban Republic Co.
26. Suki's Silken Fashions
27. [VoiD]
28. So Berry Licious Boutique
29. Simple Designs
30. Destiny's Designs
31. Bleeding Pink
32. Clothes Culture
33. Bella's
34. Ziva's Underground Footware
35. .:Furore:.
36. Dark Vision
37. Indigo Oddities
38. Silmae's Essentials
39. Virtual Textures
40. USC Textures
41. vMotional
42. ^^Moulliez
43. The Happy Hat
44. Sexy Swagger
45. Three Sissy's Shop
46. POST
47. Real Glamour
48. Aphrodite Megastore & Coffeehouse
49. Marcel's Beautiful World
50. Pier SL imports
51. K2K Headquarter
52. Les sucreries de fairy
53. MAC's SuperShack
54. *~*Dirty Dollies*~*
55. Trendy Teen
56. Karmas Kreations
57. ~:{Little House of Curios}:~
58. ThatChick @ Needful Necessities
59 Larnia Kids "He thinks he's a Giant star"
60. Gestures by Mi
61. Crazy Cakes Toybox
62. bees heaven shop
63. Bodyshot

Friday, July 1, 2011

This One Time At The Fair Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "I can use my wings for camouflage if I needed to"
2. Room 312 "Every store has Its secrets"
3. Tree House Treasures "Check out my hint giver"
4. [Bait] "Monkey see, monkey do"
5. Divialicious "Finding this gift is no MYSTERY"
6. Illicit Designs SKIP FOR NOW
8. The Plastik "Is today your LUCKY day"
9. Bellies "THe best rides are always towards the back."
10. aMuse "You can always find fish around NEKOS"
11. Razorblade Jacket "Check down below, but don't lean over too may fall in!"
12. Zoe's Garden "Any Daisy by any other name....wait, what?"
13. plowwies jammies & slippers "You make bath time lots of fun"
15. Southpaw "Gretta couldn't settle for just one flavor of ice cream at the fair, but boy did she get a Toothache from the Vanilla. "
16. Xen Builds "Night baby, sweet dreams!"
17. BOOF HQ "Gotcha, noo.. Gatcha!"
18. BodyShot "Whats new?"
19. Clothes Culture "Touch the Hint Board for the latest Hint !!"
20. Kabuki Creations "Mmhhh nothing beats a soft touch of yr hands on my back"
21. !! Never Ever! "This soup needs a fish"
22. 20.Five "Follow the crumbs"
23. Little House of Curios "I'm drowning in pink!"
24. SR Leatherwerkx "A tisket, a tasket. Don't put all your eggs in one basket!'
25. !- [LoveFactory] - "This fish is where it's supposed to be!"
26. Larnia Kids "Where to go for 50L Friday?"
27. AMERICAN BAZAAR "Fatima is my best friend"
28. Brass in Pocket "HELP! The Mermaid wants to eat me."
29. [Bedlam] "Pigs will fly"
30. Eye Candi "Could it be Number 5?"
31. FIN *Relieve the Fifties* "Swimming with Elvis!"
32. Prime Furniture "Calas on top"
33. Urban Republic Co. "Watch for that bull"
34. Rodeo Rideable Horses & Animals "Tweet, tweet, tweet!"
35. ZERO COOL Designz "Glowing Blossoms may help to figure out!"
36. Para Designs "Click the poster outside the center entrance for a hint."
37. Bella's "This One Time At The Fair I willl take my Boyfriend.. He's a Prodigy. Look inside the store."
38. Indigo Oddties "Don't be a chicken, Have a SPINE, Ride the big rides, and have a great time!"
39. Dani's "In building 1 go up to 2 and I will be hanging with Sassy in Red."
40. Simple Designs " A great cause to support"
41. Morte's Seduction "Hint Giver at Shop"
42. Pink a Boo "I see a Pink Cotton Candy Machine...I wonder where it could be?"
43. AIDORU "Adore the queen's feet - u find reward"
44. CERO STYLE "Swimming with this beautiful lady!!!"
45. Candy Moon "On sign...."
46. Jaded Threads "Southren pride"
47. House of Xevion "Have a seat..."
48. Brat! "Grab a hot, buttery snack so you don't get hungry while you hunt!"
49. enLightened "His bark is worse than his bite."
50. USC Textures "Bast says "I CAN HAZ FISH?""
51. Wicked Rose Couture "Please stay seated in the car until the ride is over.
52. GooDVibez Men "Tables Tables Tables....."
53. [Ravioli] "On the ferris wheel way up high, what do you want from that special gal or guy? Smooching up in the sky isn't for the weak so kiss your special someone right on the---"
54. AZE Designs "Freshly caught, I'm hanging out near from where I came.."
55. Paper Moon "People need snacks when they study"
56. Dead Bunny "Watch your step you might squish me!"
57. Trendy Teen "If you get into trouble you might end up sitting here instead of going to the fair."
58. Brandy Boutique "A, B, C, D, E, F, G,........"
59. Crazy Cakes Toybox " This one time at the Fair i saw the biggest cupcake ever it was huge you should try sitting on it and eating some."
60. Pipers Place "When Pipper got back from the fair she was so excited about what she got. She dropped me somewhere near a bench."
61. The Happy Hat "I am always within the big hat. Click the hint giver on where I am at."
62. Butterfly Effectz "The view of the pretty red bird in that tree is great from here"
63. Twilight Falling Creations "After a hot day at the fair you may wish to relax in the refreshing waters of a cool spring."
64. Dirty Dollies+Little Dollies+Rag Dollies "Fish go to the fair in schools."
65. Bella's Designs "Looking high and low is great but you never know what goes up and down :)"
66. Chywe's "Like pulling wabbits out of a hat"
67. Shadow Dreams " "It's madness!!!"
68. -Myself- "Cute pants!! "
69. LilyPads "Ooooh Look! Fishies!"
70. Sexy Swagger "Boots with red background"
71. Karmas Kreations "Swing on over after the fair"
72. Marcel's Beautiful World "Find the path : orange, blue, pink, meet the Chinese, blue again, then which red would be?"
73. A.D.D. "
Step right up folks, don't be shy! Neon lights and Vendor cries Parting you from monetary ties. All for a few moments to forget - Why."
74. Isis Boutique "Dont blink or you will miss this disappearing act in the birdcage"
75. Enchante "Don't get burned."
76. [THiSnTHAT] "Painting can get messy"
77. Death Dealers 'It corners, but not like it's on wheels'
78. [Blue Goose] " Don't forget to get your stamp at the fair"
80. In A Nutshell "She sells sea shells"
81. Evaki "Check the hint box"
82. D.Ragged Clothing "I could go for something sweet right about now."
83. The Kandi Store "If this clue RINGS true, LUCKY you!!"
84. Furore "Look in the couch"
85. FlowerDreams Creations
86. Sweethearts Cafe & Bakery
87. Death Becomes Nerd "Emo Boys never cry at the fair!"
88. Moulliez "This goldfish has a lovely view of the ocean up here."
89. Needful Necessities "Fish swim in the water, my momma told me so"
90. Real Glamour "This Kitty is taking good care of this gift."
91. Bees Heaven Shop "This little guy seems to be all of a doodah"
92. A S O ! "I'm on the sand."
93. Twine Designs "Watch out where you sit you may sit on our prize ...."
94. Venomous Rage Designs "This is gonna hurt.... alot"
95. Glazed "What do you get when Earth, Wind, Fire and Rain met?"
96. Jinxed Toys "I don't know how I got up here, but I need some help to get back down!"
97. WTB "Soak up those rays while you head for the sky and take a seat as you watch it float on by"
98. Serenity & Chaos "STARTING LATE"
99. Lvs Kids "B is for Bunny,she has the prize you seek!"
100. Thy Designs "Sit to meditate and see"
101. Shadow Moon " Well....what do you think of the rest of the sim? Never a dull moment here."
102. VPinc "When you go to a fair, a must to enjoy is one of these"
103. Moxie "Licorice: It's a party in your mouth!"
104. Prims 4 U "Hiding in the "Kitchen""
105. Aphrodite Shop "I think you need a beauty makeover!"
106. Pier SL Imports "Licorice: It's a party in your mouth!"
107. The Crossing "Look under a table."
108. Leapin' Lilypads "Yummy"
109. Ema's "They all Applaude when they see you! "
110. Gestures by Mi "Not a fish out of water."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

This One Time At The Fair.. Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. Room 312
3. Tree House Treasures
4. [Bait]
5. Divialicious
6. Illicit Designs
7. Fuzion Fashion
8. The Plastik
9. Bellies
10. aMuse
11. Razorblade Jacket
12. Zoe's Garden
13. plowwies jammies & slippers
14. PDN's Potpourri
15. Southpaw
16. Growl
18. BodyShot
19. Clothes Culture
20. Kabuki Creations
21. !! Never Ever!
22. 20.Five
23. Xen Builds
24. SR Leatherwerkx
25. !- [LoveFactory] -
26. Larnia Kids
28. Brass in Pocket
29. [Bedlam]
30. Eye Candi
31. FIN *Relieve the Fifties*
32. Prime Furniture
33. Urban Republic Co.
34. Rodeo Rideable Horses & Animals
35. ZERO COOL Designz
36. Para Designs
37. Bella's
38. Indigo Oddties
39. Dani's
40. Simple Designs
41. Morte's Seduction
42. Pink a Boo
45. Candy Moon
46. Jaded Threads
47 .House of Xevion
48. Brat!
49. enLightened
50. USC Textures
51. Wicked Rose Couture
52. GooDVibez Men
53. [Ravioli]
54. AZE Designs
55. Paper Moon
56. Dead Bunny
57. Robbish
58. Brandy Boutique
59. Crazy Cakes Toybox
60. Pipers Place
61. The Happy Hat
62. Butterfly Effectz
63. Twilight Falling Creations
64. Dirty Dollies+Little Dollies+Rag Dollies
65. Bella's Designs
66. Chywe's
67. Shadow Dreams
68. -Myself-
69. LilyPads
70. Sexy Swagger
71. Karmas Kreations
72. Marcel's Beautiful World
73. A.D.D.
74. Isis Boutique
75. Enchante
76. [THiSnTHAT]
77. Death Dealers
78. [Blue Goose]
79. LC Designs
80. In A Nutshell
81. Evaki
82. D.Ragged Clothing
83. The Kandi Store
84. Furore
85. Flower Creations
86. Sweethearts Cafe & Bakery
87. Death Becomes Nerd
88. Moulliez
89. That Chick
90. Real Glamour
91. Bees Heaven Shop
92. A S O !
93. Twine Designs
94. Venomous Rage Designs
95. Glazed
96. Jinxed Toys
97. WTV
98. Serenity & Chaos
99. Lvs Kids
100. Thy Designs
101. Shadow Moon
102. VPinc
103. Moxie
104. Prims 4 U
105. Aphrodite Shop
106. Pier SL Imports
107. The Crossing
108. Leapin' Lilypads
109. Ema's
110. Gestures by Mi

Monday, May 23, 2011

This One Time At The Fair..

This hunt will take place from July 1-31st

Accepting application till June 12th

Open to PG and Mature Stores
If you have the following in your store please do not apply
-Sexual role play items or clothing
-To mature for kids to see
- NO CLUB OR MALLS (Unless your a shop in the mall or your main store is located in the mall)

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Taste of the 50's Hints

1. Sour Pickles "I have an owie :/"
2. Tree House Treasures "Check the hint giver"
3. [hate this] "Tonight, I'm dancing til midnight."
4. [BedlaM] "Every girl loves Diamonds"
5. Sari's Creation's "Look in wall near mirrors"
6. [BAIT] "Monkey see, monkey do"
7. Razorblade Jacket "Can't have a sock hop without tunes!"
8. Xen Builds " Oh, you're getting warmer ! Hot even !!"
9. FIN *Relive the fifties* "Beware of the Chickens!"
10. pínkчtσαst "Jump around.. touch the ground.. and just give up and ask Maggie?"
11. Divalicious "Take a CHANCE on me"
12. Fuzion Fashion "PLAY THAT "PUNKY" MUSIC"
13. Illicit Designs "You are FORBIDDEN to leave without this gift"
14. Jaded Designs "Sitting in a corner so STRESSED"
15. ~~<3 Dahllywood <3~~ "Get comfy with the Wonderland Creatures."
16. Simple Designs "Dont forget about Bridesmaid's needs"
17. Amuse "What tune is the bird whistling?"
18. [[Puddlegum]] "Beware of Royal Sticky Fingers!"
19. Dani's "In building 1 go up 1 than you will find me hanging out with a lady in red and black with mesh."
20. Incendia Campfires & Caves "These animal skins are so soft "
21. CAMILLA'S "What a bargain"
22. Brass in Pocket "It's getting HOT in here and i'm MELTING"
23. Just my Imagination--Cleo Design "On a retro music box I am waiting to play,come and get me:)"
24. Brandy's Boutique "Ooooo I love Poodles!"
25. Wicked Rose Couture "Petter Cottontail know alls"
26. ><><><><>< " I am sitting between Tina and LeeAnn."
27. Morte's Seduction "See you in Autumn Splendor....that doesn't sound right does it?"
28. DKD "A tisket, a tasket, a torso and a basket"
29. Larnia Kids "Here kitty kitty!"
30. Mac's Supershack "Hmmmmm..... is that an Elvis record..."
31. Dory's Fangs and Lace "I HANG WITH STARS AT NIGHT."
32. [LoveFactory] "Follow your heart and you'll find the key"
33. =Flutterby= "Rock around the clock??? Nuh uh; I stop at midnight, thanks!"
34. KDee;s Designs "You climb these to get to heaven"
35. Grumble "And the records spin"
36. AIDORU (Adult Content) "Relax have a coffee"
37. Roxy's Place "Turn up the radio, I love this tune!"
38. Viviane Fashion "Take a seat and relax"
39. ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;
40. Flowerdreams Creations "I'm watching the waves.''
41. K2K Headquarter "Watch the barmaid inside"
42. Brat! Mainstore " If you want to dance, you'd better play some music.
43. Zoe's Garden "You might bump your head on this record once you find a pretty view. "
44. SE*Designz "Put on a gown and swing your hips to the sounds of the 50ies :D"
45. [The Plastik] "Peck, peck, peck; You'll have to steal it from my mouth. Don't fall over the edge, though."
46. Absolution "Someone seems to have dropped me under a table :o"
47. Crazy Cakes Toybox "Ive lost my marbles"
48. Kabuki Creations "Look for it by the Standing section (2nd Floor)"
49. Pink a Boo "Its Not on the floor or ceiling so where is it ???"
50. Chat'teigne "Angel eyes"
51. Mustard Creations
52. enLightened "Are you a Pepper?"
54. Les sucreries de Fairy "Follow me to the purple magical butterfly"
55. Room 312
56. Urban Republic Co "Yey. is spring again!"
58. Baily Studio "Find the Single easel, and find your prize with ease."
59. Virtual Interior Design and Decor "I like hiding underneath a table so I can watch people look for me."
60. kira's low prim goodies "Sit and look in the mirror i'm on a shelf"
61. Delaney's Delirium "Set sail on the sea of dreams"
62. ICONIC Couture "The spotlight is always on you."
63. Prop-N-Poses (PNP) "Cheer'ing 4 evah!"
64. * Stilecht * "Keeping it retro in the 50's"
65. PDN's Potpourri "Mink coats, hats and wraps were the rave during the 50's"
66. Loliposl "Walking to the light like Madeline"
67. *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~* "DO YOU LIKE THAT LIVING ROOM ? I DO ;)"
68. Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
69. AMAZING art gallery " I adore sounds so much so where you will see sounds thats where i will be....."
70. Twine Designs "Chase holds the Prize"
71. Axo's "This one will make you RUN!"
72. JE Club Equipment "Hey Mr Dj, put a record on!"
73. Ema's "They all applaude when they see you."
74. USC Textures "Take a LM near the big USC Midnight Mania board"
75. Candy Moon "Hint Giver"
76. .Divine Beauty. "Signs Are Good Leads"
77. AZE Designs "If you treat your 45s that way, you won't be able to spend your allowance on records anymore."
78. ^^Moulliez
79. Celebrations Textures "Three cheers for the red white and blue"
80. EVOL "*sings* "Gatcha get you into my life"
81. Appletree "Even little boys have to sit in the corner"
82. Miu'... "... Loving Jeans..."
83. Billy's Furniture Store "Take those old records off the _______,
I'll sit and listen to them by myself..."

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Taste of the 50's Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. Tree House Treasures
3. Kandy Couture
4. [BedlaM]
5. Sari's Creation's
6. [BAIT]
7. Razorblade Jacket
8. Xen Builds
9. FIN *Relive the fifties*
10. pínkчtσαst
11. Divalicious
12. Fuzion Fashion
13. Illicit Designs
14. Jaded Designs
15. ~~<3 Dahllywood <3~~
16. Simple Designs
17. Amuse
18. [[Puddlegum]]
19. Dani's
20. Incendia Campfires & Caves
22. Brass in Pocket
23. Just my Imagination--Cleo Design
24. Brandy's Boutique
25. Wicked Rose Couture
26. ><><><><><
27. Morte's Seduction
28. DKD
29. Larnia Kids
30. Mac's Supershack
31. Candy Moon
32. [LoveFactory]
33. =Flutterby=
34. KDee;s Designs
35. Grumble
36. AIDORU (Adult Content)
37. Roxy's Place
38. Viviane Fashion
39. ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;
40. Flowerdreams Creations
41. K2K Headquarter
42. Brat! Mainstore
43. Zoe's Garden
44. SE*Designz
45. [The Plastik]
46. Absolution
47. Crazy Cakes Toybox
48. Kabuki Creations
49. Pink a Boo
50. Chat'teigne
51. Mustard Creations
52. enLightened
54. Les sucreries de Fairy
55. Room 312
56. Urban Republic Co
58. Baily Studio
59. Virtual Interior Design and Decor
60. kira's low prim goodies
61. Delaney's Delirium
62. ICONIC Couture
63. Prop-N-Poses (PNP)
64. * Stilecht *
65. PDN's Potpourri
66. Loliposl
67. *~* RnB Designs Furniture *~*
68. Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
69. AMAZING art gallery
70. Twine Designs
71. Axo's
72. JE Club Equipment
73. Ema's
74. USC Textures
76. .Divine Beauty.
77. AZE Designs
78. ^^Moulliez
79. Celebrations Textures
80. EVOL
81. Appletree
82. Miu'...
83. Billy's Furniture Store

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Taste of the 50's

Sour Pickles brings you Taste of the 50's Hunt

This hunt will take place from April 1-30th

Accepting application till March 12th

Open to PG and Mature Stores
If you have the following in your store please do not apply
-Sexual role play items or clothing
-To mature for kids to see
- NO CLUB OR MALLS (Unless your a shop in the mall or your main store is located in the mall)

1) All prizes in this hunt must be something original and not a freebie.
2) All prizes will be boxed in a box you will make yourself, and these boxes will include the prize and the lm to the next location.
(All Landmark locations for your boxes will be given out by me Xandra Bressig
3) If you know someone who would like to join the hunt please send them this note card.
4) The THEME: Roaring in the 50's
5) Each participant will receive a "Taste of the 50's" hunt sign.
I encourage you to post the poster out as soon as you get it, that way when I do walkthroughs it will be easier to get things sorted and get the hunt objects out. Please pay attention to the dates listed below.

Above all else, please have fun because that's what hunts are for. If I am not online or you need to contact me, please send me a NC because my ims get capped.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Anti-Magic Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "I like to party"
2. Kabuki Creations "Check the hint giver"
3. Divalicious "Finding this gift is no MYSTERY"
4. Xen Builds "Movin' on up - you're a 10 !"
5. [BedlaM] "Guarded by a big talon"
7. Dark Vision "This lord says its your destiny to find the mask"
8. Illicit Designs "Find the mask by midnight or u will turn into a pumpkin"
10. VISIONS GALLERY "Main shop, first floor, Bast is a cat who hides your prize."
11. SR Leatherwerkx "Reflect on this - "You see me, not as I am, but as you are"!"
12. Dani's " In building 1 go up 2 you will find me hiding with Marie all in White"
13. Weddings in Paradise "Kiss me on London Bridge"
14. USC Textures "Check the hint giver"
15. Musical Dreams "Don't shed a tear for me."
16. [[Puddlegum]] "Only hero's show there true colours shine"
17. Suki's Silken Fashions "These heroes may be short but they succeed in saving all by destroying a ring."
18. [Acide!] S K I P FOR NOW
19. Tree House Treasures "Hint Giver"
20. Destiny's Designs "This lady doesn't need magic to fight werewolves and vampires with a sword. She can kick butt with a sword."
21. ~~<3 Dahllywood <3~~ "The Magic Rabbit says, "Watch me pull a mask outta my hat!!"
22. Room 312 "Every Store has its secrets"
23. Ziva's Underground Footware "She may look good in these but they could be used as a deadly weapon if you make her mad enough."
24. Pirate Queen Designs "I am being worn to the ball."
25. aMuse "Whats this PUNK PRINCESS hiding"
26. Appletree "Where kids like to play"
27. Cherrie's Couture S K I P FOR NOW
28. AMERICAN BAZAAR "The light will guide you"
29. Jaded Threads "Country looking and country living where bare backs roam"
30. !-[LoveFactory]- "Who was the first bear to land on the moon"
31. Candy Moon "Chekc the hint giver"
32. [BAIT] "Bait in YO FAce"
33. Shelter Homes "Take a walk on the wild side."
34. Cleo Design "I am looking at you behind a mask..who am?"
35. Larnia Kids "We put the E in New"
36. Para Designs "Click poster outside entrance for hint"
37. =^.^= Nekophiliac =^.^= S K I P for now
38. GC "Sublight"
39. FIN *Relive the fifties* "How retro can an mannequin get?"
40. Pretty Lady "It's in the eyes of the pretty lady..."
41. Saris Creation's "I'm in corner, near acessories"
42. Persocon Designs ""Is Ignacio the true identity of The Green Hornet????""
43. Brass in Pocket "Grand Mother is a masked cougar "
44. MAC's SuperShack "Get into the SPIRIT"

Friday, February 11, 2011

Anti-Magic Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. Kabuki Creations
3. Divalicious
4. Xen Builds
5. [BedlaM]
6. Fuzion Fashions
7. Dark Vision
8. Illicit Designs
11. SR Leatherwerkx
12. Dani's
13. Weddings in Paradise
14. USC Textures
15. Musical Dreams
16. [[Puddlegum]]
17. Suki's Silken Fashions
18. [Acide!]
19. Tree House Treasures
20. Destiny's Designs
21. ~~<3 Dahllywood <3~~
22. Room 312
23. Ziva's Underground Footware
24. Pirate Queen Designs
25. aMuse
26. .Divine Beauty.
27. Cherrie's Couture
29. Jaded Threads
30. !-[LoveFactory]-
31. Candy Moon
32. [BAIT]
33. Shelter Homes
34. Just My Imagination
35. Larnia Kids
36. Para Designs
37. =^.^= Nekophiliac =^.^=
39. FIN *Relive the fifties*
40. Pretty Lady
41. Saris Creation's
42. Persocon Designs
43. Brass in Pocket
44. MAC's SuperShack
45. Edge of Sanity