Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Keep Me Cool Hunt

Sour Pickles brings you the Cool Me Down Hunt

This hunt will take place from June 1-30

Before applying, you MUST read the link below. It is the TOS For the application process.

Accepting applications till May 20th

Open to PG, Mature and Adult Stores
If you have the following in your store please do not apply
-Sexual role play items or clothing
-Too mature for kids to see
- NO CLUB OR MALLS (Unless you are a shop in the mall or your main store is located in the mall) If your store is at a club or mall, you MUST have tracks leading to your store as well as the poster outside of the store as to not cause confusion with neighboring stores. Your TP landing point must also be able to land a hunter in front of your store.

The THEME:Show us how you stay cool during the summer! This is a 0L hunt.

 Thank you for your interest in the Sour Pickles Hunt "Cool Me Down Hunt."

The THEME:Show us how you stay cool during the summer! This is a 0L hunt.


Have you read and understand the Sour Pickles Hunt TOS?
(Applicants will be rejected if you have not)

Your Name/Position :

Store owners name:

Name of your store:

Your Landmark :

Your SLURL : : 

What is the maturity of your sim? (PG/MATURE/ADULT)

What types of items does your store sell?

Any idea what you would like to make for this hunt?

What is the name of the avatar that is in the Sour Pickles Hunts Group?

If you are not in the Sour Pickles Hunt group please join below.
Sour Pickles Hunt Group Joiner:

There will be NO more subscriber board entries per keeping in contact with the hunt. The board will only be there to advertise events with Sour Pickles Hunts and current hunt activity.

When completed, make sure it is in the correct format and send to Xandra Bressig.