Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Exclusivity Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Dondi's Doodads "Check the hint giver"
3. Co*Motion "Gacha!"
4. Glo-Mart "Taking Chances, can be rewarding"
5. Kabuki Creations "Join in all the great sales Touch to Join."
6. LNS "Titania has her eye on me"
7. Sugar & Cynide "Pretty sure I felt a breeze"
8. [KRC] "I'm white and black and fuzzy all over!"
9. Barely Legal Couture
10. LOoLOo's & Platypus Menswear "Love comes beats on drums"
11. Holli Pocket "You can really see her bod in that kini!"
12. Feyline Fashions "Made of wood and way up high, walk across to spy the prize"
13. Wild Serenity "I'm going for a stroll down the street... Oh look a bike, Maybe I will sit for a spell near here...."
14. Artic Storm "Up in corners high above, is the ticket that you'll love"
15. SANNA-SCIENCE and ART "This band plays exclusively for you"
16. Potpourri Designs "I find the ocean relaxing."
17. Texture Me True "Knock me down with one of these to find the prize"
18. ROSENGARTEN "So relaxing in the hammock on the beach"
19. The Curio Shoppe It is said in the story, she screamed “Off with her head!”
20. POMPOSITY "Just like the price im very low"
21. Fairey Angel Creations
22. }}}Myrai Style{{{ "Four cats, four jackets, the tiger is my favorite ♥"
23. Peeps "Even better then your name up in lights."
24. BLD "I would say I am a poster Child but alas I am only reSigned to hanging around near them."
25. J&A Accessories "I'll be wattled on you!"
26. Grumble "Gacha, Gacha, Gacha, so many Gachas i don't know what she'll do!"
27. Kandy Tattoos "Take a seat"
28. Glitzz "I'm in the limelight and yet enlighten all"
29. *Wishful Thinking* 'Not for sale. So why is there a tag?"
30. Naughty Naughty "Having a Cocktail with Neptune"
31.  Eclectic Stars :."Mmmm, tiny chalky pickup lines"
32. *Akeana'a Architecture & Accessory* "A dress like this should hang on a RAIL -
so catch it while you swing out your TAIL. "
33. {The Purple Facade} "√Čan points the way."
34. + [ l u x u r i a n t ] "Pretty Pretty Gift :)"
35. Vicious Decay ":Blending in with the surroundings"
36. Get a Room (GaR) "You need to sign in."
37. Myths Unbound "Watch out for the new guys in town.  These evil creatures have your prize."
38. *ToXiC*H* "The purple H on the sign got tagged as exclusivity. "
39. [AbsolutA] Poses "Yum, I love chocolate!"
40. Les sucreries de Fairy "You'll find me not far from this hint giver, with some cute sheep textures"
41. ECCO Jewelry & Accessories "I hope you don't get Green Fingers!"
42. Ravenous "I feel like a Princess!"
43. Sacred Dreams "Oh i hate when theirs a Black Out."
44. xbody "Seek for me seek for me i bet you can't find me up"