Friday, March 1, 2013

The Flashback Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. AngelRed Couture "PINK Zebra"
3. Treasured Cove "Hint giver in the store. :)"
4. {Co*Motion} Gift #1 "Snap, flashback, it's not Halloween anymore, is it?... "  Gift #2: "Time for a photo shoot? Let's take a few snaps."
5. Amulet" Fruit makes my hair shiny :)"
6. PRIME "Click the charming guy in the entrance for a hint"
7. SANNA-SCIENCE and ART "You dont need Drugs if you have Fantasy" says the Pink Dinosaur ..."
8. Isis Boutique "Do you have childhood flashbacks of being a ballet dancer?"
9. Bayview Market "This hunt is all about looking back in time"
10. Engineered Beauty "You sure would look cute in that, and I think the photographer agrees... But aren't you showing off a bit -too- much?"
11. SCULPTYLICIOUZ "Where the Birds are singing."
13. Les sucreries de Fairy "Only for you"
15. Brandi's Intimates "Snap up our model"
16. Lyrical B!zarre Templates "Jazzy times are times of Song, Frills and neat gear go along!
Find your way up the stairs, Stay and play, even in pairs!"
17.  Fantasy China "Black and withe swim "
18. WAM! What a Mesh! "A Wes Craven film from the 80's: "The People Under the ______""
19. Sick Bubblegum Textures "Only the beads know what happened"
21. Surface Textures "Tie Dye Brings Back Memories"
22. Beyond Majestic:The Creations "The hunt is well underway, our fingers quickly shooting pictures of all we see, but now we stop and gaze above at the MOONS rising in the Night sky. If we take a photo will anyone believe this dream?"
23.  .::NaKEd::. "For the light doth shine brightly, giving the scene a better, brighter look!"
24. Strange Schemes "A person who never made a mistake never tried anything NEW."
25. Brass in Pocket "Say Cheeeeeese."
26. Cake Fox "Never too late, never too late. When it all falls down. The only way is up"
27. Raven's Heart "Flash back to the stone age"
28. LilArt Creation "What a view! Get your camera and take a pic!"
29. [[ Masoom]] "Add some gold to you evenings"
30. SIGMA Jewels "Sirens"
31. USC Textures "Horus watches over us"
33. Peeps "This wallpaper is older then I am. Now that's Retro!"
34. CREATIONS FOR PARKINSON'S ""Beautiful Flower Pics""
35. Forsaken Falls " Full Perm Room is Upstairs. Camming doesn't work well so walk up LOL. I have only put one template out for sale. Can you find it?"
36. Nomiki's Creations "I love your smile, yes I do.  However, can you close your mouth please?"
37. Timeless Textures "For a simply PYSCHEDELIC experience, head UPSTAIRS for RETRO delights!"
38. Glo-Mart " I hear you coming""
39. The Whimsical Witch "Kick back and enjoy the view"
40.Glide's Gallery "Look Out For My Big Brother"
41. Clutter for Builders "Let's take a big picture!"
42. Lyrieal's Boutique "It's time to "sparkle"
43. Dragons Are Too Seldom, Inc. "I love bargains!"
45. OMG Sculpts " If you find the gift you will be quite Fortune ate!"
46. *The Seer* "~ make a wish and feel happy ~"
48.  Enchanted Memories "These COLORS are so BRIGHT!"
49. Cupids Textures " Im Free for Groupies"
50. Dekute General Store "Careful not to get brain freeze!"
51. Ruth's Creations "Sew much love!"

53. Kabuki Creations "Dont sleep while working !"