Friday, February 15, 2013

Sour Pickles on Happy Huntings 2.15.2013

Sneak preview of my interview on Happy Huntings today!

Today they talked about some of the items featured below from our fellow designers, I wonder if you can guess which designers are being spotlighted =).

This was a first for me, they did the interview about Sour Pickles Hunts at the actual Sour Pickles Mainstore . I got to talk about what the Flash Back Hunt actually is, the theme and criteria for it. It was so much fun having Cinders Vale and the Happy Huntings staff at the store. Stay tuned for the actual episode and interview for more information!

This picture shows off a sneak peek glance of the hunt object, a camera, which was created by Glide Beaumont. <--thanks br="" hun="">