Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gacha Hunt Application

Sour Pickles brings you Gacha Fool Hunt

This hunt will take place from April 16-May 16

Accepting application till March 31

Open to PG and Mature Stores
If you have the following in your store please do not apply
-Sexual role play items or clothing
-To mature for kids to see
- NO CLUB OR MALLS (Unless your a shop in the mall or your main store is located in the mall)

**PLEASE READ** Additional rules: This vendor is 4 prims and must remain out during the whole event. It needs to be placed 30m from your landing point so that hunters can see it. You must create at least 3 items to be in your gacha, and the prices CANNOT be more then 25L.

The THEME: Gacha Fool--Let your wild side loose (Must create a min of 3 items)

Your Name :

Store owners name:

Name of your store:

Your Landmark :

Your slurl :

What is the maturity of your sim? (PG/MATURE)

What types of items does your store sell?

Any idea what you would like to make for this hunt?

Would you like the group invite? (Y/N)

If you dont have room for a group, here is the link for the board.

When completed, make sure it is in the correct format and send to Xandra Bressig.