Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lil Bits Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. *Lil Bits* "Don't you just love wall flowers?""
3. :: Happy.Face :: "Would you like a cup of tea?"
4. *FIN* "Time for Bed little Princess!"
5. Larnia Kids "Building blocks of new" :)
6. bees heaven shop "Children love soap bubbles"
7. Sunflower Skins "Somewhere around that chair, over there"
8. Sexy Bish "Take's gonna blow."
9. PDN's Potpourri "The Lil ones can hide here, they look like tents."
10. !!X Factor!! stores "As the sun streams, and you sit in dreams, my the words coax your imagination"
11. Les sucreries de Fairy "I love starfish"
12. SSMC Outlet Store "Roses are red And violets are blue Dancing with fairies Or nesting with roo It is not in the boxes It is not up the stair Look around flowers You will find yours there"
13. Snips & Snails "Kids love to play with labradors"
14. Z Best Textures "The Hint Giver for all Hunts is located on the wall behind the desk at the front of the store. Please click this "Hunt Hints" sign to get your Lil Bits Hunt hint."
15. MarMar Creations "I love green."
16. .:: Soken Kids ::. "Just a little bit rounder, just a little bit louder- Yo DJ spin that deck!"
18. Tree House Treasures "Check the hint giver"
19. The Happy Hat "My bright pedals are inside the hat. Check the hint board for where I am at."
20. The Sacred Roze "Like the _______of time."
21. Jinxed Toys "Sometimes you have to look inside to find what you're searching for."
22. ~*Buglets*~ "I love to lay in fresh, spring grass."
23. Canningham Creations "I love playing with stuffed animals, they make me so happy!"
24. Virtual Textures " There is a hint giver available at the store, near the hunt sign which is located at the right of the landing point."
25. *~NL~* Creations Mooooohhhh, I am holding it!
26. Ahmused Xpresnz "The Green bear wants u to come and play with him :)"
27. The Cat and Fiddle "I spy, who do I spy? Make a WISH, 'cause I'm real close by!"
28. Dressing Darlings "Look for Tilly"
29. Charisma Designs "Prize is under the store logo as you first walk in the store"
30. Shabby Shack "Today's Biology Lesson is - Homarus americanus!"
31. Its A Girl Thing "Its going to be a Flip Flopping Summer..."
32. Li'll Scallywags "This flower blooms among little friends."
33. Aphrodite "Prize its for kids, maybe its on Family , mothers and babies section?"
34. CapeCod Playhouse "IS IT TIME TO WATER THE DAISIES?"
35. [Bedlam] "May the force be with you"
36. Kawaii Desu "Might wanna check out joining the group for some help!"
37. Ema's "Boooo Did I scare you?"
38. Tienda de Textura
39. Amanita "Nature have specific rules, such as the Fibonacci series and the complementarity of colors. The last one is the key to find me!"
40. Room 312 "You eat turkey, smashed potatoes and creamy gravy when I am around"
41. Nana saenz "Looking up you see the moon or maybe the sun"
42. TigerLady's Designs "Sweet Dreams"
43. ..:: Ginny's Gestures & Creations ::.. " "Nahm Nahm, I Loveee Cupcakes!""
44. Atooly " Have trouble? Have a seat and maybe you'll get lucky."
45. Muschi "I saw a yellow flower while playing the toy car."
46. F.D.Treasured Memories--OUT OF THE HUNT
47. Athy Designs Kids Furniture "Where You Write By The Light Of The Night"
48. Sugar "I like candy"
49. Lucinha's Teddy Bears "If you don't have a clue, I can draw you one..."
50. *[...stuff]*] "Ooo a piece of candy"
51. Sugar-N-Spice "Ride the lift to floor 3, and find a well loved teddy bear. He was loved and hugged to stitches and needed a new eye. "
52. :.:FourSquare:.: "Express yourself with gestures upstairs"