Thursday, December 29, 2011

Frumpy Furniture Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Treasured Cove "While I move about occasionally, I always stay in a single room. Don't fear the huge store, it's really not so bad once you figure me out. I like to hang out amongst the random and misc sculpts and look at everything."
3. Zoe's Garden "Do YOU think that a wagon wheel makes furniture frumpy??"
4. Little House of Curios "Should I go upstairs or downstairs?"
5. Larnia Kids " Comb your whiskers"
6. {dirty.little.secret] "Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down..."
7. PRIME "I can see the back of a blackboard."
8. Creations "A great place to "lounge" around."
9. Riddlebox "Get in shape after xmas!"
10. PDN's Potpourri "That furniture isnt frumpy at all, It would look nice near the CURIO."
11. The Happy Hat "Click to hear what I say on where this pillow does lay."
12. Ahmused Xpresnz "Come and relax ur little feet after u have stuffed urself all over xmas"
13. Room 312 "Can be anywhere INSIDE the STORE.. Even under my shadow *grins* Check fine the details."
14. So Berry Licious Boutique "Lil Jack Horner Sat in a CORNER "
15. bees heaven shop "This pillow light up my day"
16. Jinxed Toys & Magic "Look OUT for this little bit of green."
17. Tree House Treasures
18. Canningham Homes & Creations "I am exhausted! I think I will "Chillax" on this flowered bag."
19. Pipper's Place " Find Pipper's Fall Desk And You'll Find Me..."
20. AMAZING gallery "I adore clothes.............jeans........"
21. Shadow Moon "I might need these later to pack up this furniture."
22. Tienda de Textura (-TDT-) "I sure hope it doesn't rain"
23. Brass in Pocket "EWWWWW What's that floating in the Soup?"
24. ::Travisty:: "What's in his pocket"
25. Dark Vision "You may find a copy of Arabian Nights Tales where i am hiding"
26. *Lil' Bitz* "Who runs the world"
27. Z Best Textures Hint Giver for all Hunts is located on the wall behind the desk at the front of the store. Please click this "Hunt Hints" sign to get your Frumpy Furniture Hunt hint.
28. BagLady Design "Sometimes life is just beachy ."
29. Geek Sheek "You spin me right round baby right round."
30. Eric's Art Gallery "Somestimes the best gifts are wrapped in a box "
31. Lemons & Cream "Time to take a break to nom some cupcakes and pickles! "
32. Aphrodite Restaurant " Its holidays time!!!! It must be on the "holiday" products!"
33. Boof "What's wrong with this candy"
33. Shadow Dreams Nnext to you"