Thursday, December 1, 2011

Broken Resolutions Hunt Hints

1. Sour PIckles "You Must be this Teen Size to ride"
2. [Bedlam} "Dont Shred your list until at least February"
3. SculptyliciouZ "Beyond the falling Stars"
4. Lil Bits "Are you on the "Naughty" List"
5. Divalicious "*sings* I'm on the EDGE of glory....."
6. KaiAna "How is this not catching fire??"
7. Boof "Watch me closely"
8. Dirty lil Secrets "If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!"
9. Les sucreries de Fairy " I love Venice"
10. SoBerryLicious Boutique "Lets Make Music "
11. Kakia Designs "Everyone Loves Something New"
12. Sexy Design "Clue One-- Santa´s Elf have your Letter" "Clue Two--Red bing yourself up to win"
13. PRIME "Click the doorman for hint"
14. Pipper's Place " Find Pipper's Barn Star Rag Doll And You'll Find Me..."
15. Incendia "WOW a Massage is just what the Dr ordered"
16. PDN's Potpourri "Most New Years Resolutions are broken on New Years day"
17. Tree House Treasures "Check the hint giver"
18. Off the Wall "You do that voodoo so well"
19. Grumble "Apply for a job"
20. Simply Designed "Clue One--When the world is ending, one should call "the Doctor" "Clue Two--The tardis is the safest place during the end of the world."
21. [: B!ASTA :] "First one on my list of broken resolutions: Didn't i want to get back my bikini shape? Doh! -.-"
22. The Happy Hat "Click the hint giver and I will tell Of a Resolution which was a fail"
23. Room 312 " Every store has its Secrets. WARNING - There is a PHANTOM inside the store keeping you away from the prize ;)"
24. Dark Vision "STRIPEY"
25. *-*Purretes*-* "I'm going to another planet"
26. .:: SoKen KiDs ::. "The Second Star to the Right Where Dreams Come True <3"
27. Lullabies "Somewhere between a Panda and a Adnap"
28. Morte's Seduction "I have a hint giver at the shop"
29. #Before Sleep# "Check The Chalkboard"
30. Abia Capalini Design "I have such a lot of work till xmas....."
31. AMAZING gallery " I adore paintings and art so if you see painting just look for me there!!"
32. SchnaeppchenGrotte "They always applaud when they see you."
33. Lavish Living by Lizzy "Clue One: --It's out of this world how much L I eat!"
"Clue Two -- It's a precious miracle you carry..."
34. [Kilter] "Don't worry, you're forgiven"
35. Children Of Ares " I Smell Cookies @_@''"
36. Buildwerk "The last cigarette! Really!"
37. Ema's "They always applaud when they see you."
38. NaCrS "Not suitable for claustrophobic people"
39. Xen's Hats "She's makin' a list and checkin' it twice."
40. Artistry by ~ E ~ "No hint, use your head to find this wicked gift"
41. Orchid Lotus and Moondance " I keep my list under my hat"
42. Creations "The warmth of the holiday season is upon us."
43. Marcel's Beautiful World "Let's learn about my culture"
44. MSM "You'll find us below the Velvet runway."
45. ;;; CERO STYLE ;;; "Too much formal here!!"
46. Marymac
47. ::Modish:: "So tempting is the handle wonder which i will get"
48. Wild Serenity "You can find me where you least imagine it. "
49. Urban Republic Co. "Birds?"
50. Aphrodite Restaurant, Megastore & Cofeehouse " Some things just all out of the Frame.. especially beauty, but some cling to stay in."
51. Julia Collection "I'm by a bed that has a lamp and and a book by its side."
52. retro' "someone should also clean under rugs"
53. Destiny's Designs "Something tells me Anna will be breaking one of her resolutions."
54. RVi Design "If the world ended, I would join the pirates... and promise I will share the loot!"
55. Ahmused Xpresnz "Im one checking my nawty n gud list.... Let me see wat other lists i have on my table to check?"
56. Suki's Silken Fashions "Broken promises won't keep this Goddess of Love down."
57. LC Designs "I am having a great Time at the Party"
58. Saris Creation's "Look near lingeries down the gold arrow"
59. Lotus Noir "Ask three people before they go away by car"
60. Ziva's Underground Footware "Steppin' out this winter in style."
61. Framed Soul "Sometimes we just need to"
62. Casual T's "Things to do if the world ends: #1 Get the sewing machine fixed."
63. WAFFLEZ "Before it all ends lets grab as many sale items as we can!!!!!"
64. Ostentatious "Drape yourself in the finest things at Ostentatious"
65. Shadow Dreams "He said what????"
66. [ Nectar! ] "Ask Mo. "
67. 20.Five "Followed by your footprints"
68. ::.riddlebox.:: ""DONT PEEK! damnit!""
69. Brass in Pocket "Look What Santa Let On the Tree for you"
70. [Eat Paste] "If the world ended today, I would dress up like a clown!"
71. Holiday Bliss "Hint given in hint giver"
72. {Little House of Curios}:~ "I tried to quit smoking but I couldn't"
73. ::Travisty:: "That looks comfy"