Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hints for Dark Void Hunt

1. Sour Pickles "Death by dice"
2. Trashtastic! "Arm casts and bandages? Poor thing must be hurt!"
3. DivaLicious Main Store "Fill the dark void with "All that glitters"
4. aMuse Mainstore "Find Medusa to fill this Dark Void"
5. Body By Rae ""Her name was Alice"
6. Ramel's Houses & Garden "Be carefull, don't fall into it"
7. Designer Kids Store "Check out the hint giver"
8. Tree House Treasure "Check the hint box in the front to the store for the current hint :D"
9. Bella's Accessories "Look for some Sassy Candy"
10. Just 4 Kid Kreations "Don't you love hugs?"
11. ***2u***Sweet little Neko "Check the wall"
12. GenkiGenki! "Please be gentle to my lady in bloom."
13. Michgians Shack "Check out the hint giver"
14. Joes Ink "Look for Indie religion"
15. *~*Sunshine Design Kids*~* "Sit down and find the flower"
16. Heaven "Art has the power to transform lives, especially the very colorful and vibrant ones it seems (hint hint)- be sure you do look others in th e eyes with a friendly smile, as they guide you to your goal."
17. Rozza's Roze BBW Fashions "Surrounded by Birds of Paradise"
18. So Berry Licious "Once opened .. one might find a PEARL in here :)"
19. Nothing Over 50L$ *Sky blue* makes the sun shine brighter, & flowers bloom, butterflys carefully fly around, & *cats* go crazy for them.
20. Angel's Haven "It may seem like just another day, but its meant for those who love to shop"
21. Same As It Never Was "Up, down, inside, outside..look far and wide because it cant hide"
22. (0thrive)"Drinking out of this will definitely not fill the void."
23. Brass in Pocket Kid's " I Love being a Shop Wall Flower"
24. ~*Mouthiiz*~ "You can look high, you can look low, but you'll only find this one where the others flowers grow"
25. G-series* "It is a nice hairdress, isn't it?"
26. :Robbish: "It's not on the N, it's not on the E, it's not on the W, it's on the 2. =)"
27. !! Never Ever! "Upstairs is a great place for finding some things"
28. Dream "Take a load off"
29. SMALL (poses) & Cupcake's Skyboxes "We'll always be together!"
30. {ZKT's} "Every rose has it's thron"
31. Sweet Kreations "Eat some Candy to help you keep going!"
32. [EmEx]"This is a great place to come HANGOUT"
33. ## CI ## Creative Insanity "Omg, it's really close ;D"
34. \RCS\ & [DP]"Electric!"
35. White Widow "Flowers are very nice when there is a butterfly...."
36. Luna Eclipse Design
37. Gracies and amos Petshop "I'm the same but different .. find my sisters and you find me"
38. Larnia Kids "Try your luck"
39. ~Simply~ "There's More!"
40. K&LDreamworks "I can make ur BedRock... "
41. Tiny Paws "It's never polite to swear."
42. Ducknipple "Find the hunt object."
43. Appletree/Netherland "Makes a nice fashion accessory in her hair"
44. Waters Edge "Look out over the water"
45. FASHION PASSION "Look under sun and moon"
46. !Laval Helicopters & Planes "Aircrafts do not only carry people"
47. Marvela's Dress Shop & Mens Clothing " Julietta loves spring flowers. to help you on your wlk thru..its on the 2nd floor in front of Julietta suit."
48. LEIA LULU'S AVAILABLE LAND "I am taking a bath!"
49. *Bellies* "Geese Like To Leave Lots Of Droppings
50. The Cluttered Closet "Pretty in Pink"