Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hints for Apple of My Eye Hunt

  1. Sour Pickles "Care for a refreshing dip?"
  2. Kick.Rock "There's nothing like a good mud bath."
  3. Just 4 Kids Kreations "The apple better watch out or it will be made into applesauce under the car tires."
  4. Love My Textures "You are the apple of my eye and the light of my life!"
  5. MollyWorld Dwellings "Mmmm.......lunch!"
  6. GenkiGenki! "Apples are sweetier ripe."
  7. So Berry Licious "Do apples grow on BEANSTALKS?"
  8. Toxic Star -SKIP FOR NOW
  9. Tao Tao Tano- SKIP FOR NOW
  10. Purely Kids "Yummy....icing"
  11. Brass in Pocket Kids "Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm hidden in plain sight, and has nothing to do with blue."
  12. Mouthiiz "Thought I am not real, you give me life with every breath you take."
  13. Gesture by Nykeria "Come take out an Ad."
  14. Evaki "The bunnies hid me in the garden."
  15. Peer Kiddz "The all seeing eye is guarded by three robots."
  16. KandiiWrapper-SKIP FOR NOW
  17. Gothy Totz "Every good apple loves a good story."
  18. Shiny Shop Toy Store "It is above a machine."
  19. Sunshine Desing Kids "Sit down and soon you can eat the apple of my eye."
  20. JellyBean!-SKIP FOR NOW
  21. Dream "Lets rock out old school and listen to music on these."
  22. Hello Kitty Land "When Snow White ate an apple, she could have used this after what happened to her."
  23. Larnia Kids "Playful is the way to be!"
  24. Silus Touch- SKIP FOR NOW
  25. Follow the Rabbit-SKIP FOR NOW
  26. Preshious Princess "Look my Marshas' toes."
  27. Happy Tots "Guitar anyone?"
  28. Candy Moon "No hint, look near sign"
  29. Apple Blossom Kids- DROPPED OUT
  30. Inifinity Creations "Its not a cupcake, but very close."
  31. TheFairy Short "Where the rainbows fall, and the water shines."
  32. Flutteryfly Sugarplum "Look upstairs."
  33. Appletree "In store."
  34. EmEx "Apples before bedtime are never healthy, better put them away so the eyes can rest."
  35. The Funny Farm "Near the sweet is the treat you seek."
  36. LedoDesigns "It is an apple of an egg here on the floor."
  37. Kawaii Panda "A photo can help you find your prize."
  38. KISHI "The hamster likes apples."
  39. Terpsichore "This apple is wedged."