Thursday, November 30, 2017

Snugglez Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Celestial Designs "Lets get "random"
3. Zendra "Angel or demon?"
5. The Happy Hat  "The HUNT HINT will provide a note on where I hide."
6. Artic Storm "Look up high, Look down low, Only Sonja knows the way to go!"
7. Loordes of London "By the signs"
8. StoraxTree "Look near the hunt poster"
9. Meander "You are SOOO Special!"
10. Chaotic " I'M Brand ......"
11. QUE RICO Design "Last seen around Harry's Diner"
12. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop "Search the Weddings & Celebrations Shop!"
13. Mishmash Fusion "This looks Dangerous "
14. To the Moon & Back "On a Sunday we should watch and do this together..."
15. Kodiak. "Here Kitty, Kitty."
16. {.Gross Princess.} "I'll see if I can Pencil you in. "
17. To the Moon & Back - Decor & Kids "An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but in Oz these throwing apples keeps everyone away"
18. ~{The Purple Facade}~ "I was at the crib, sittin' by the fireplace. Drinkin' cocoa on the bear skin rug. The door bell rang. Who could it be? Thought to myself then started to shrug..."
19. CODED "Hidden In The Shadows"
20. LOoLOo's & Platypus "Hello? Is it me your looking for?"