Sunday, July 31, 2016

Open Highway Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Emerald Couture "What Emeralds has no Heart? "
3. Lady Dragon's Design "Zip in your Step.. or should i say on your step.. Find the Zipper Heels.. you find me.. "
4. QUE RICO Design "Where are Trees & Plants"
5. * WICKED * "I've got you under my skin..."
6. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop "Not far from the Arabian desert Tent..."
7. MAC's SuperShack "On the Open Highway, you don't want this problem..."
8. Moonlitecat Creations "Don't pull the trigger!"
9. Artic Storm "To the left and on black bar, under the lights but not too far"