Thursday, July 31, 2014

Can't Stop the Beat Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Co*Motion "'I'm BOARD back here. All I can see is trees, rocks and grass."
3. Dondi's Doodads "Check the hint giver"
4. Glo-Mart SKIP FOR NOW
5. Artic Storm "A red kitty bed has the beat for you!"
6. Holli Pocket "Dem demos!"
7. Kabuki Creations "After dancing all night long I love a long hot soak"
8. Nightmare Designs "Ladies & Mens:  I love the sound of gothic music, which one is your favourite?"
9. Shadow Dreams "Don't forget your swimsuit! "
10. LOoLOo's & Platypus "Sitting and grooving to the beat"
11. Bella's Designs "The beats go in the left ear, the beats go in the right ear... the beats are in surround"
12. Earth's "What!! only $3L for 2 purses? Yes, but only for a LIMITED time only"
13. Pomposity "Climb up beside me"
14. The Happy Hat "The Hunt Hints will sing out the whereabouts of this note. "
15. xXx Treme Fashion Designs "if you need help, please use the subscrib-o-matic.. all your questions will be answered  :)"
16. The Ferret & Hedge Shoppee "The music crescendoes...."