Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stuck on You Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. The Plastik "I'm feeling festive- but it's also so cold! "
3. Sugar & Cyanide "In the corner, all by myself
4. Dark Wing Productions "WOW! This are Epically Sky High.
5. Co*Motion"This might take a little time."
6. Kats Desire "In the water of the fountain thats twisted " SKIP FOR NOW
7. ToXiC HiGh "Toxic barrels
8. Crash Republic "Twinkle Twinkle"
9. Wild Oats "I'm Stuck under your but..."
11. PA DESIGNE "Look for my sister"
12. PB Designs "More information can always be found here."
13. [[A.R.C.+F.N.]] " I lay here drunk and the birds whisper to me!"
15. Dani's "Do you like my xmas bows I love the green color."
16. Ravnous "What? Are you on POT?!"
17. ModaMia "Santa is waiting for you!"
18. S.L.A.D "Look up"
19. Que Bella! "2 cats 1 sofa."
20. Holli Pocket "I wanna see your peacock!"
21. ::Pink Sugah::. "I love me some classical music"
22. LaNoir Soleil Designs " I Gacha Stuck"
23. Tw@ttyC@ke "Don't be such a tease"
24. [Mystic Canvass] "Station"
25. Ez's: "Cheetah Print Makes Everything Better!"
26. Amber-licious Designs "Pucker up girls! "
27. >PatchWork Heart "Panda Cuddles"
28. [::IMP TAIL::] "Lift me up on a cloud"
29. Tits Up "Every girl loves a good pair of shoes"
30. D&G Fashions "" Don't Call me SUGAR!""
31. Mmm...Kay! " Angels we have heard, on high!"
33. ! Beautiful Dangerous ! "Life Is Beautiful!"
34. Dystorted "Sit and relax hang around all night but don't worry these ponies don't bite"
35. Knockers "James Dean is a Rebel Stuck On You."
36. WoW Skins "What about your suggestion?"
37. SOURIRES "Come take a seat"
38. =Libertine= "Sit here, and stick it!"