Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two of Kind Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Co*Motion "Oh, look, a head."
3. The French Lick "OMG i can change colors!!  8 different colors to be exact!"
4. Dondi's Doodads "Life is a Bowl of Cherries"
5. LaNoir Soleil Designs "Lets Put a Little Light on this...."
6. Image Reflections "Relaxing.. think comfy!"
7. ToXiC HiGh "My angel has a beautiful bow tie"
8. Potpourri Designs "The Fairy Lamps will light your way."
9. London Core Designs "Aimee has the cutest behind in SL"
10. Small World Furniture "Once through the door, check out the Decor"
11. Dressing Darlings "I love accessories!"
12. CaramelDiffusion "Baby its cold outside"
13. LOoLOo Costumes & Platypus Menswear "We are always two of a kind!"
14. Izzy's Attic "A hot cup of coffee sounds really good right now, don't you think?"
15. Earth's "[He is the most interesting man in America] ___?___ __?___  my friends!"
16. Isis Boutique "That hair bow is too cute Poppy!"
17. Virtual Textures "Hint giver over the desk at the landing point"
18. Artic Storm "The evening moon glitters in purple"
19. OUT
20. Bella's Designs "You would think that chocolate chips would be two of a kind, just ask the expert on them"
21. Cazimi "Look for the lace"
22. ~Mesh Glam~  "They look so much alike they could almost be twins"
23. The Happy Hat "To get one to share with a friend, you'll need to look within the bend. "
24. Vips Creations "Karen is very beautiful woman and She has everything what you want . Is very COMPLETELY Woman."
25. M&M Deco "You need something to carry away your gift!"
26. Kenzie's Designs "Where pumpkins are ready for harvest and there's that touch of fall about."
27. Pink Acid "Purple Bows On My Toes "