Sunday, June 30, 2013

Art Is The Key Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Demise of Flight "Two's a crowd, what's better is three, you'll find me near the pose with the girls on knees".
3. Isis Boutique "Dying of this item is a unique craft for stage performances! "
4. Brass in Pocket OUT OF THE HUNT
5. Dondi's Doodads "Please Check Hint Giver."
6. The Plastik "Are you feeling lucky?"
7. Aphrodite Megastore "I think the chef has it!!!!"
8. Kabuki Creations "I'm winding and turn ..but i'll bring you up and down"
9. B-UniQ "Feathers"
10. Image Reflections "Look for toenails"
11. OwlToast "Do you have mad hax for Space Invaders?"
12. Markelshapes "Vanilla or chocolate?"
13. The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee "Fashions Fashions Fashions"
14. Les sucreries de Fairy "You'll find me near the Artwork Cute outfit ( Upstairs In women section)"
15. Razor "Such Vivid colors...I prefer purple!"
16. Get a Room (GaR) "It's a jungle in here."
17. PDN's Potpourri "Look around and see what's new!!"
18. Zoe's Garden "Find me by a house you wouldn't mind sharing with flowers.":
19. SANNA-SCIENCE and ART< "Attention Train !! (Go down, turn left)"
20. Textures Unbound "Dark or Light, I love red."
21. Barely Legal Couture "All things are NEW in the BEGINNING!"
22. MAC's SuperShack "Minstrel in the Gallery."
23. Sassy! "From left to right, 3rd splash of color."
24. USC Textures "Take a seat up in the Gallery"
25. Potpourri Designs ""I'm out of season, but still pretty to look at."
26. NYhilistic OUT OF THE HUNT
27. ToXiC HiGh< "The painter decided to paint up high and leave his brush behind near my bikini's "
28. Urban Republic Co. OUT OF THE HUNT
29. Dressing Darlings "My Favorite Shape is Misty"
30. Ahmused Xpresnz & Ah.X.Purdies "Who painted the cat on the tree?"
31. Glo-Mart "Welcome to Glo-Mart"
32. Frutie Cutie Designs OUT OF HUNT
33. (Co*Motion} & .:[Le Petite Purr]: "Oh, Snap!"
34. LilArt Creations "Glassblowing is a real art."