Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hide and Seek Hunt TIPS FOR HUNTERS

Thank you for your interest in the Hide and Seek Hunt, presented to you by Sour Pickles.
This hunt will run from May 1-31.

This hunt has NO HINTS. That's right NO HINTS. To do this hunt, you are looking for the attachment on the poster, a large banana somewhere in the store.

How do I locate the item? To find the item, you need to look between 50m-65m from the LANDING POINT. I want to give the fullest exposure to shops and their creations since the item you will be finding will be a new item! yay :D

Any tips to find this item? I would just say PEEL your eyes (lol) for the banana as it will be NO SMALLER then the example you see on the board. It will however be RENAMED and might even be made larger, and RECOLORED to any color under the sun, so you need to watch out for that.

In the event you cannot locate the item, please do not badger or pester the store owner because they will not help you. This hunt is designed to test your skills as a hunter and blowing up group chat will not be tolerated.

This hunt is mean to be fun to explore the wonders of stores as they will contain DECOYS.

Have a great hunt!

xoxo Xandra

Starting Location : Sour Pickles