Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bright and Tight Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Virtual Textures " A Hint Giver is available at the store, over the desk in front of you at the landing point of Virtual Textures."
3. OUT
4. Little House of Curios "You should really check out the accessories room."
5. .::Digi-StyleZ::. "Gami Torvalar is holding your prize!"
6. Chat'teigne "Dont like reading ! Never mind !" & "Is it a whoopee cushion? Nooooooo !"
7. OUT
8. Unforgettable Temptations ADULT SIM "I take pretty pictures,I am by a stand...come find me."
9. Chywe's - The Whole Shebang "Use the Hint Giver"
10. Dani's "My name is Carina and I love the color red, what is your favorite color?"
11. PDN's Potpourri "You will find me near the birghtly colored vases."
12. Bayview Market "You might have to turn on the lights to find the prize."
13. :random:: "Is this gift for me?!"
14. LVS KIDS "Across the bridge,and the pond,find the gift,when you find where all the pumpkins are!"
15. BagLady Design "All hands on deck-follow the pink arrows"
16. SANNA " Disco Fever ! Shake your Hips, Yeahhhh !"
17. Aphrodite Shop "Well-Dressed, Melady!"
18. Total Eclipse"Flowers to the left and flowers to the right"
19. Brass in Pocket "I have been very bad and i'm in time out"
20. =Razorblade Jacket= "Soda"
21. Simply Designed "Oh how the lights are bright...."
22. Southpaw "See hint giver in store"
23. CERO STYLE "I need to be formal tonight!!"
24. Les sucreries de Fairy "You'll find me near tip jars :)"
25. :J:: StyleZ:: "Check the hint giver"
26. OUT
27. Divalicious  "It's a mad DASH to find this gift"
28. The Happy Hat "The Hunt Hint will tell you of a sight, where you can find colors so bright."
29. NoName "This could be a messy place."
30. {simply magik} "Look for something new"
31. Gestures By Mi "What a typical place to lose a sock!?"
32. USC Textures "Sit and Spin to Win"
33. Athy Designs Furniture "Where You Stand As ---You Gaze In The Mirror"
34. .:FallenDreams Inc:. "Why are things always Tainted?"
35. Grumble "Accessorize like a star!"
36. blah.BLAH.blah "These seem to flash and are wayyyy to bright"
37. B!ASTA "Please use the hint giver in the store - it's located near the entrance, in front of the reception desk."
38. Suki's Silken Fashions "You might run astray when you meet up with Gandalf the Grey."
39. Creatif Design "1: In my shop to the input, you have a map a BIG map with all areas and the Hunt Example  placed in a zone, to find faster..." "2: in the street of the light that shines is"
40. Dondi's Doodads "Sit on the bright side of life."
41. Destiny's Designs "After hours is when the fun begins.."
42. BaUbLeS! by Phe "The prize is in something old and blue, now the rest is up to you!"
43. Shabby Strawberry "I should be easy to find... OAR am I?"
44. Ziva's Underground Footware "I find comfort wearing these boots while I travel."
45. OUT
46. AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS "I like mesh sweaters .."
47. Pink Outfitters "2nd floor front and center."
48. OUT
49. Je t'aime "Roses r red"