Saturday, June 30, 2012

Forget Me Not Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Out of the Trunk "Is it such a bright idea to hide under a waterfall?"
3. Divalicious "The lightbulb will ILLUMINATE your way"
4. CapeCod Playhouse "Let's all rally around the horses"
5. 20.FIVE "Please see entrance of shop :)"
6. Brass in Pocket "You better BOOK it if you want to find me."
7. Paris METRO Couture "Climb all the stairs, till you can go no more
your lightbub is glowing at the top floor"
8. Gestures by Mi " I'm a lightbulb... where do you THINK I would be? "
9. ;;; CERO STYLE ;;; "I need to be formal today!!"
10. Hermione's Heavenly Sweet Boutique "To find your gift, find a snowglobe that has something that a groom won't want to forget on his wedding day."
11. Flowerdreams Creations
12. RaWr Muffinz "Got a bright idea, find the snail and you could leave me mail!"
13. :.:FourSquare:.:
14. VISIONS GALLERY "Main Store, upstairs, follow the Tracks to the blue orchids."
15. Tree House Treasures "Check the hint giver"
16. Dressing Darlings "Misty Shape has a Night LIght"
17. Aphrodite Shop "It must be on the new coffeehouse!"
18. Artic Storm "Prize is in place."
19. RAWR Mainstore
20. Pipper's Place "Lights up dark doorways"
21. BagLady Design "ALL hands on the hunters deck"
22. PK Private Collection "Super Denim"
23. CAMILLA'S "I light the beauty so that you may behold the fashion show"
24. Studio Nails " Forget me not, Forget me never. and not be intertwined, you will find your prize over time. "
25. Heartistic  "Look at the stars, /Look how they shine for you, /And everything you do,/Yeah, they WERE all yellow. /Now They are pink and purple too."
26. Sprinkles On Top " Being random is always best"
27. zombie suicide "Entering the gaming world!!"
28. Shabby Shack "Switch the lights off before you go rowing!"
29. Darkfold Designs "Oh they built that talking car MICHAEL!"
30. Serendipity Designs "The Sands Of Time"
31. Wyldflower "Are forget-me-not flowers *that* big??"
32. :Pixel Snobs: "Can I get a room with a view please?"
33. [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS "Look at this beautiful sunset..."
34. [BedlaM] "Hint giver at store near signs"
35. Les sucreries de fairy " I love gown and party outfits :)"
36. Pier SL imports "You'll find it right where you'd expect it to be!"
37. **Estel**  "Being a Groupie is FUN!"
38. Always Eclectic "Diamonds are sometimes called ice. A thief is sometimes called a second story man. Both ice and thieves avoid light coming in windows."
39. OUT
41. SFW Industries "Look for the BURST of LIGHT."
42. Raucous "You need to around back to get the morning paper."
43. RAWR! Mainstore
44. [dirty.little.secret] "What's a tree doing in the middle of the store?"
45. Graffitiwear "Hm... I must have left it in the pocket of my skinny jeans."