Monday, October 31, 2011

Very Important Hunters Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Look up, look low. We are the displays in which sport the fabulous products"
2. *Lil' Bitz* "Maybe the right jeans are the Sassy ones."
3. Plastik "Fashion glam adds a little bit extra to any Ambrice Dress"
4. Fuzion Fashion SKIP
5. Syrenz Shadowz "Awww those chains have a cute lil red bow."
6. Divalicious "All very important hunters should join the update group"
7. Razorblade Jacket "All of this can be yours, with just one click of each."
8. Little House of Curios "I'm so very important I gotta hide in a corner."
9. ThatChick "Hunt hint will be provided in the very large silver Hunt Hint in store hint giver :)"
10. [Void] "Wall of posed, in red clothes, curly hair, with horns bare, arms crossed, faith lost, look twice and stare, you'll find it there."
11. Larnia Kids "Pack up for school!"
12. Brass in Pocket "Don't Leave until you have your Photo taken.
Take a Photo then send it to Sunset Byrd for a chance to win 1,000 Lindens"
13. 20.Five "Hint at the entrance of shop"
14. Prime "Click the doorman for hints"
16. Ema's "They always applaude when they see you."
17. ~*The Muffin Shack*~ "Look out! Train!"
18. bees heaven shop "This bow is such a nice decoration"
19. Saris Creation's "Marini can see what the choice for your accessory will be"
20. Grumble "Have a seat near the water's edge"
21. So Berry Licious Boutique "Sit and have a cup of tea"
22. Tree House Treasures "Please see the hint box for the latest hint"
23. Ahmused Xpresnz "I maybe out of sight but i can make ur head spin looking around for me!!!!!!!!!"
24. PDN's Potpourr "The Autumn tree leaves are so pretty, I love to sit and watch them fall."
25. Crazy Cakes Toybox "ITS SO FLUFFY I THINK IM GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
26. Room 312 ""Every store has Its secrets.
WARNING - There is a PHANTOM inside the store keeping you away from the prize ;) "
27. Etinceler "Sparkling Diamonds"
28. Pipper's Place "The Christmas Shop Would Be The First Place I Would Look......"
29.#Before Sleep# "Check out the TV"
30. [BedlaM] "Watch out for the thorns"
31. Brent's Book Nook "Now where in the "Dickens" did he hide me?"
32. SIGMA Jewels "Straight ahead"
33. !!X Factor!! Stores "Beyond the plants is a glimmer coming from a peculiar window"
34. .:MewMew:. "In all honesty, I would never wear that hat. "
35. Dark Vision "DONT TRIP UP OR DOWN ME"
36. The Happy Hat "Check the hint giver at the sign; for I move around all the time. "
37. ~Cheesy Poses~ "Every girl needs a pretty bow in her hair"
38. Tigerlily "is it Dharma or Kharma?"