Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Rain Hints

1. Sour Pickles􀁃 "Mushroom"
2. amuse􀁂 "Making sure nothing rains on Forget me not"
3. Divalicious􀁓 "This umbrella is feeling LUCKY"
4. Pole􀁔 " Need to call maid service to do some cleaning"
5. Fuzion Fashions􀀀 "I am Hiding somewhere in the mens section of the store"
6. Miss Murder􀁇 "You burn me up"
7. MarMar Creations􀁆 "I'm driping over the edge."
8. Brass in Pocket􀁅 "I know I'm Cute but you don't need to STAIR"
9. Bellies􀁄 "When your stuck inside, look outside!"
10. Thunder 'N Lightning "Why not just give it away"
12. [BedlaM]􀁕 " The pink skull guards the bounty"
13. Acide􀁁 "I like to fly"
14. V TATTOO STORE􀁀 "Look up, its raining!"
15. Glad Rags􀁈 "Don't sit in despair, the hunt is on!"
16. White Widow􀁉 "Near the woman lying with a rose in mouth"
17. PRIME Furniture􀁛 "Click the guy behind the counter for the hint."
18. Holiday Bliss􀁚 "Its a greats view from here!"
19. Vicarious Vitae􀁘 "Dry off by the fire"
20. Ziva's Underground Footware􀁐 "Pumps are the best workout"
21. Suki's Silken Fashions􀁑 "This classic Eastern beauty needs some cover to keep her out of the rain."
22. Destiny's Designs􀁒 "This sweet and innocent young lady is enjoying her summer, let's hope it doesn't rain."
23. Gestures By Amy􀁊 "That one should be who works here"
24. Kandy Couture􀀏 "Keeping the nekos company"
25. Ruth's Creations􀀎 "Hint giver at landing point"
26. Wisent-Animations􀀍 "May you find the gift in the first floor / Check the corners ! "
27. Razorblade Jacket􀀌 "Just peak over the edge."
28. The Mad Catter􀀆 "This umbrella is hiding behind A leg"
29. kidz gitawayz􀀅
30. K&G Designs 􀀄 "The stairs lead u to the top, sometimes you have to see what ur stepping on. "
31. SIGMA Jewels􀀃 "Lotus bud"
32. ShaBo Designs􀀂 "If you cannot find it.... there is always HOPE
33. [[A.R.C.+F.N.]]􀀇 "Watch your step, don't want to burn your foot off"
34. Maven Prefab Homes and Natas Designs􀀊 "By the pool, dreaming about Pina Coladas and lazy summer days"
35. [hate this]􀀈 "This umbrella is keeping an old kitteh dry."
36. Shameless Bits􀀉 "3rd Floor - Rainy Days always make me blue!"
37. Xen Builds􀀾 "Quck! Hide twith the other umbrellas !!"
38. Dressed by Lexi II􀀽 "Check the corners!"
39.. Southpaw􀀼 "The leaves of brown, came tumbling down, remember That september, in the rain. "
40. Luna Eclipse Design􀀐 "Look into my eyes!"
41. IRRISISTIBLE SHOP􀁖 "Take a dance with the Black Swan"
42. Paw Fect Neko Inside Coba's 􀀑 "My store is'nt very big, so Im sure you it will be, an easier time finding your gift from me. It's not on the floor, on on the ceiling its somehwere inbetween. by somthing that smells good, if you know what I mean."
43. Jm Designs􀀓 "If your looking to get wet, have a look downunder"
44. Tree House Treasures􀀋 "Please check my hint box for the latest hint"
45. USC Texture Tomb􀀁 "Find the umbrella and find your fortune"
46. Evolve Designs􀀒 "I love to play the Violin."
47. Nik-kos􀀿 "I really hope it doesn't rain on my cowgirl hat!"
48. FunKtional Furniture􀀻 "This looks a good place to 'hang' around while you look for me"
49. Neverland􀁗 "Next to boy with red hair"
50. Patchlets􀁋 "Take cover In between the rows"
51. Canningham Homes & Creations􀁌 "When it rainz the bunny hide inside their hutch. "
52. Larnia Kids􀁍 "Can I help you?"
53. Rock Star􀁎 "It sounds like rain"
54. ..:: Adoring Charms ::..􀁏 "Tinka was tanning on the beach and had to quickly run for cover."