Friday, May 31, 2013

Tropical Isle Hunt Hints

1. Sour Pickles "Check the hint giver"
2. Zoe's Garden "Do the Twist!"
3. Glo-Mart "OI see a stowaway"
4. Dondi's Doodads "You can't have a tropical island without a tropical reef."
5. Kabuki Creations "Sit on me and work (Full perm room only, Upper Floor)"
6. Divalicious "You can find it in the sea"
7. Co*Motion "Dance like a Demon"
8. The Plastik "Are you feeling lucky?"
9. Brass on Pocket "Left Turn Clyde"
10. SANNA- SCIENCE and ART "Look ! So many Dolphins !"
11. Naked "Don't go towards the light!"
12. "Shells on Titan? How strange."
13. AMERICAN BAZAAR "Billie Jean is not my lover"
14. Get a Room "Flowers on the move"
15. Tree house Treasures "Please see hint box for the latest hint"
16. The Happy Hat "I first washed up on the shore. I now find a home on the floor."
17. Dreamscape Wedding Design "Climb some stairs then look around."
18. LilArt Creation "I love to collect shells!"
19. VERO MODERO "Look for a new Swim Suit and you will find me."
20. Image Reflections: "Above Something Black and Sheer"
21. [SHUSH] "Find us chillin in front of the pink car. I'm not too far."
22. *Akeana'a Architecture* " Under water little seashell likes to poke - Her mommy says: "Sorry! I am broke!""
23. N3kowaii D3signs "Taste better if you put lime on it-before drinking it"
24. Imagine Flowers and Garden "That fox looks like it's hiding something..."
25. by Chiana Oh "Call me!"
26. Demise of Flight "Hunt High, Hunt Low, Try hunting where the shoes go!"
27. Wafflez "IS THAT A BANANA TREE?"
28. HollyWeird "Everybody deserves a good poking!"
29. ToXiC HiGh "Sea Shells are found at the ocean, but found on a wall in my store"
30. PRISM "Find Pretty Anastacia and  you`ll find a pretty seashell"
31. Miss Darcy! "Surely the fruits of Eden were found on a tropical isle?"
32. Athy Designs Furniture "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
33. Grumble "When you go to the BEACH, don't forget your bucket!"
34. 20.FIVE  "Include your picture here, if you want it to be shown on the blog"
35. CERO STYLE "I love makeups"
36. The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter
37. Phoebe ~Piercings & more~ "Check the hint giver"
38. ROSENGARTEN "Look for me on the inland shore beneath a tree"
39. MAC's SuperShack "Sellin' Sea Shells down by the seashore..."
40. Klepsydra "Ask Alma, she will help you find it!"
41. AMULET "Look in the spring flowers!"
42. USC Textures "Shell out for some fishing gear"
43. Raven's Heart "Giraffes love me!"
44. Urban Republic Co "Friend for ever"
45. Isis Boutique "Shells make a wonderful addition to an upper bare body!"
46. Artic Storm "You wouldn't go to the beach without a towel, would you?"

Art is the Key Hunt

Sour Pickles brings you the Art is the Key Hunt


This hunt will take place from July 1-31

Accepting applications until June 17th

Open to PG and Mature Stores
If you have the following in your store please do not apply:
- Sexual role play items or clothing
- Too mature for kids to see
- NO MALLS (Shops located in the mall my apply individually, but submissions other than that will be rejected.) If you are in a mall you MUST have a trail leading to your store, if you do not have a direct TP, you will also need a poster outside your store to make finding it easier.

1)    All prizes in this hunt must be something original and not a freebie, past hunt item or Midnight Mania board item.
2)    All prizes will be boxed in a box you will make yourself. Inside the hunt object (provided by me) you will include your boxed item, the hunt's starting location and the location to the following store after yours.
3)    All Landmark locations for your boxes will be given out by me Xandra Bressig
4)    If you know someone who would like to join the hunt please send them this note card & application. Please also inform them that they will be required to join the Sour Pickles Hunts Group along with reading the TOS
5)    The THEME: This is a UNISEX HUNT. Your gift must represent color in an artful manner.
    *EXAMPLE* You can show off patterns or mixture of colors. Try to avoid rainbow.ed items. DO NOT use copyrighted artwork for your items.
6)    Keep in mind during the hunt you should move your item once a week along with updating your hint with provide NCs inside the vendor box upon acceptance to prevent hunters from cheating.

As a vendor it is YOUR responsibility to keep an eye on the timelines presented in the NC. When you are also emitted into a hunt it is also important to join the Sour Pickles Hunt group to stay updated and to ensure that you have acquired the correct and updated materials for the hunt.


**The THEME: This is a UNISEX HUNT. Your gift must represent color in an artful manner.**

Your Name/Position :

Store owners name:

Name of your store:

Your Landmark :

Your Store SURL:

What is the maturity of your sim? (PG/MATURE)

What types of items does your store sell?

Any idea what you would like to make for this hunt?

What is the name of the avatar that is in the Sour Pickles Hunts Group?

If you are not in the Sour Pickles Hunt group please join below.
Sour Pickles Hunt Group Joiner:

There will be NO more subscriber board entries per keeping in contact with the hunt. The board will only be there to advertise events with Sour Pickles Hunts and current hunt activity.

When completed, make sure it is in the correct format and send to Xandra Bressig.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Sour Pickles Hunts TOS Effective August 2015

Upon applying to a Sour Pickles Hunt, you MUST read the following. Your application submission is your digital signature that you abide and agree to follow all information included in the following Sour Pickles Hunt TOS.

**Update July 2015**
Clarification for the 25 Items For Sale Rule: The minimum requirement of the 25 items for sale in your store should be IN WORLD, not on the marketplace. Stores that are a Marketplace Store primarily with a small store in world that does not reflect at least 25 differently created original items, will be rejected from Sour Pickles Hunts until the minimum is met.

**Update October 2014**
In order to apply for a Sour Pickles Hunt, your store must demonstrate the following criteria:
Items must be of your own creation and not have any violation of trademarked items i.e images that you do not own, graphics, art, movie and television actors and characters ect, BIAB, you must also have at least 25 items in your store, your application will automatically be rejected.

**Effective May 2013 all vendors MUST be a part of the Sour Pickles Hunts Group. For reasons such as:  some vendors do not regularly visit the Sour Pickles Mainstore, and they do not check for past notices. Past notices pertaining to changes or notifications. Some vendors tend to miss messages due to the fact that their IMs CAP, or that their viewer does not show past notices past certain hours. To ensure effective communication, checking past notices as well as noting on the timeline, of both the application and on the vendor nc provided within the packaged vendor materials, is the best resource when to look out for materials. In the event you do not receive a vendor box as a possible applicant or, if you are unsure if you, (the vendor) are not accepted or perhaps are late in receiving such materials, it is wise to check the Sour Pickles Hunts website : for all current vendor listings, hints and current applications. In accordance with your signed name in the application distributed with Sour Pickles Hunts, you are agreeing (starting with future hunts starting in July 2013), that you are apart of the Sour Pickles Hunts group and have read all included documentation. Vendors that are found to be very late turning in their hints as requested, or not having the correct posters up in their store, will be put on a suspension list. Sour Pickles strives on communication and effectiveness to ensure maximum hunter and vendor satisfaction.
When documents are not read or questions are not asked, the communication line from hunt coordinator to vendor is diminished thus broken spots in the hunt appears which causes frustration and hardship upon all. I appreciate you reading these guidelines and respect all who continue to be apart of the Sour Pickles family.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tropical Isle Hunt Participants

1. Sour Pickles
2. Zoe's Garden
3. Glo-Mart
4. Dondi's Doodads
5. Kabuki Creations
6. Divalicious
7. Co*Motion
8. The Plastik
9. Brass on Pocket
11. Naked
12. Good Clothing
14. Get a Room
15. Tree house Treasures
16. The Happy Hat
17. Dreamscape Wedding Design
18. LilArt Creation
20. Image Reflections:
21. [SHUSH]
22. *Akeana'a Architecture*
23. N3kowaii D3signs
24. Imagine Flowers and Garden
25. by Chiana Oh
26. Demise of Flight
27. Wafflez
28. HollyWeird
29. ToXiC HiGh
31. Miss Darcy!
32. Athy Designs Furniture
33. Grumble
34. 20.FIVE
36. The Ferret & Hedgie Shoppee
37. Phoebe ~Piercings & more~
39. MAC's SuperShack
40. Klepsydra
42. USC Textures
43. Raven's Heart

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hide and Seek Hunt TIPS FOR HUNTERS

Thank you for your interest in the Hide and Seek Hunt, presented to you by Sour Pickles.
This hunt will run from May 1-31.

This hunt has NO HINTS. That's right NO HINTS. To do this hunt, you are looking for the attachment on the poster, a large banana somewhere in the store.

How do I locate the item? To find the item, you need to look between 50m-65m from the LANDING POINT. I want to give the fullest exposure to shops and their creations since the item you will be finding will be a new item! yay :D

Any tips to find this item? I would just say PEEL your eyes (lol) for the banana as it will be NO SMALLER then the example you see on the board. It will however be RENAMED and might even be made larger, and RECOLORED to any color under the sun, so you need to watch out for that.

In the event you cannot locate the item, please do not badger or pester the store owner because they will not help you. This hunt is designed to test your skills as a hunter and blowing up group chat will not be tolerated.

This hunt is mean to be fun to explore the wonders of stores as they will contain DECOYS.

Have a great hunt!

xoxo Xandra

Starting Location : Sour Pickles